When Hurt Hurts

This is not going to be an easy blog to write, and it’s going to be the shortest. In other words the least said, the better.

Two people took exception to yesterday’s post, “Is Anyone Listening?” Maybe more did, I don’t know, but these two let me know in no uncertain terms how they took it as a personal attack, and sent me messages to that effect. (So much for a technical glitch.)

Well, as I explained to them, it was not a personal message, but an attempt to garner prayers for a person in need of many; a plea to the world.

I was happy to be having a celebratory lunch, and these messages came an hour before my guests were to arrive. My first reaction was to cancel the lunch because I was so upset. But that wouldn’t do, so I dried my tears, regained my composure and began preparations.

It went well enough, but the minute the door was closed on the last person, the flood began and has not stopped.

Why on earth do we do this to each other? I don’t ever want to hurt like this again.

Having said that, another response I got was from the U.S. –“On vacation with my family and praying for your friend. Do not give up. You are a wonderful friend to be asking for prayers for someone else. God bless you.”

See the difference?

But the hurt hurts and I’m still crying.

Revelations 7:17 says, And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

“God, you are going to need one mighty big box of tissues for these tears!”

P.S. My friend is still dying, and I am still asking for prayers. Sorry, girls.


6 thoughts on “When Hurt Hurts

  1. Hang in there! There will always be nay sayers, and those who take affront when none is meant. I understand your pain and hope you let this go quickly. I understand all too well the pain of wanting to help someone and feeling like no one understands that. I have been watching my facebook messages for the past few days waiting for word on my cousin George’s seven year old son, who is in the final stages of losing his battle with cancer. He has been in a coma for better part of the past week, has brain damage, tremors and seizures. He is not expected to live past today. George and Janet have been so strong, but they will need prayers too as they deal with this. I hope that I am not adding burden to your pain, but sometimes sharing helps us all. I am sitting here in tears too right now, because I know you are hurting because you meant well and got slammed for it, and because I feel pain for Andrew, whose life is going to way too short. He loved life, and especially loved the little RCMP uniform the local detachment made for him last fall for his 7th birthday. Take care, and I hope today you feel better. You are doing good for people. I can say I appreciate it.

    Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 06:54:25 +0000 To: debbie_shanks10@hotmail.com

    • Oh, Debbie, that is very, very sad. Now I’m in different tears. I’m feeling for you, and your cousins and that dear little boy. Thank you for caring and sharing. Be sure more prayers are on the way for all of you. God bless.

  2. Nana,
    I have read every blog, even if I have not commented. I hope that whomever felt that they were personally attacked knows that was not your intention, nor in your character to do so.
    Your blogs are amazing and please do not ever stop. You have a talent that should be shared with others.
    Looking forward to many more “Nana blogs”.
    I received your book yesterday and I’m BLOWN AWAY by it. You worked your little butt off and it sure did pay off.
    I hope your friend can pull through. I’m thinking about her and wishing her all the best. I hope she can battled back.
    With love always, Laura xoxoxo

  3. Thanks you, Laura. I’m glad you like the book! I’ve only 4 more posts to the 100 mark and then I’ll ease off a little and concentrate on promoting My Precious Life. I’m so happy you responded to this blog, it helps ease the pain. I love you back! Hugs!

  4. I have prayed for family when they are in severe pain & are dying. My prayers are for peace either in this life or the life to come. I know that God is hearing my prayers & if it is his will that they leave us for their heavenly home then I am happy for them because I know they are so much better off. It is no consolation to the people still here on earth but time heals aching wounds just as Jesus suffered & died so we celebrate his resurrection to eternal life. God bless you my dear friend.

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