Ned is an Angel

My Precious Life

My angels are numbered. Let me tell you how Ned got his number.  It all began with a book I read in 1991, The Messengers, by Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin.  In one chapter angels were making themselves known to four different individuals in the guise of the numbers 444.  As a matter of fact, the chapter was titled ‘The 444’s’.  In the book, a lady who supposedly could talk to the angels, told the main character that his special angel was number 4.  This triggered a memory for me.  Many years ago I had been told that the number 7 was very important to me.  Could it be that my special angel was numbered 777?  I believed so and connected the name, Celeste, with that number.  Before long I came to feel that many angels were with me and I identified some by numbers. ”

Once aware of the angels in my life it…

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