A Garden Not Forgotten

A garden full of flowers,
tended in the mind with care,
or tended not at all
if wildflower seed is planted there,
will reap its keeper plenitude
in fragrant showy splendor,
and bring the memory of spring
come blustery December.

Blooms spring forth upon the mind,
deep wine rose and purple phlox,
daffodils of yellow,
multicolored hollyhocks
replace the snow and blizzards
in the darkened winter hours
and keep alive in mind’s great eye
that garden full of flowers.

Mind’s garden keeps on growing;
wild winds and winter snow
won’t whip the fragrant flowers
that mind has come to grow.
The seeds are firmly planted
in the fertile soil of thought
where that garden full of flowers
also blooms forget-me-nots.

cPatricia Ann Boyes

4 thoughts on “A Garden Not Forgotten

  1. Your beautiful positive expressions, awaken the good in ones soul. Thank you for that. I find your poems and blogs truly inspiring.

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