The Journey


I followed a dream the other day

To see where it would lead,

It took me to a wondrous place,

Devoid of strife and greed.

It led me to a land where

Love reigned so supreme,

The beauty and serenity

Vibrated through my being.

Love reached out from everywhere,

From every hand and face,

Drawing me ever nearer

To the warmth of its embrace.

No cruelty existed

In the land of love I found,

No broken hearts or mangled dreams,

But peace and joy, profound.

I followed a dream the other day

And the journey as it unfurled

Revealed the meaning of life to me,

Live, love and enjoy God’s world.





10 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Love this more each time I read it, It tells me to look for the lovely hidden meanings of life. Not react to my unrealistic sensitivities and tendencies.Thank you.

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