A Melody of Praise

A Melody of Praise

I wake up in the morning,
Praise God for this new day,
And thank Him for the blessings
That are sure to come my way.

I pray for my dear family,
The world, and all my friends;
I pray for people suffering,
That they’ll be whole again

And then I put my feet
Upon the bare, cold, wooden floor
To start this brand new day of mine
That’s never been before

For breakfast in the parlor,
For luncheon in the den,
For dinner in the dining room,
I give God praise, Amen!

I thank Him for the morning sun,
And for the moon at night;
I thank Him for the brilliant stars
That shed their heavenly light.

I give thanks for all my family,
Each daughter and each son,
And for my children’s children
Who fill my world with fun.

I thank God for the tears I’ve shed,
Both happy tears and sad;
I thank Him for the years I’ve lived,
Each birthday that I’ve had.

When I return to bed at night
I give thanks one more time
For the melody of praise
That fills this life of mine.


4 thoughts on “A Melody of Praise

  1. This reminds me of the saying “Each day is a gift and that’s why we call it the Present” You have penned beautiful words to live by once again.

  2. This reminds me of Valjean’s prayer for the younger Marius in “Bring him home” from Le Mes. and it’s open honest faith, the first few lines go. ” God on high, Hear my prayer, In my need, You have always been there, He is young, He’s afraid, Let him rest, Heaven blest” Words of faith words to live by. Thanks as always.

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