My Heart Soars

My heart soars with the flight of birds,
winging their way to the rising sun,
the sight of its glow on their wings.

My heart soars with the song of the cardinal
gently penetrating the remains of my night’s sleep,
and the answering call of his mate.

My heart soars with the rustle of leaves
dancing to the beat of a summer breeze,
and the fragrance that fills the air.

My heart soars with the insistent tug
of my little grandson’s hand in mine,
and the dimpled smile of his brother.

My heart soars with the promise of a new day
waiting to unfold its miracles,
rousing me to the miracle that is my life.


8 thoughts on “My Heart Soars

  1. To me, your poem is all about living in the “moment” being aware in deep appreciation of those wonderful little pleasure filled moments, like being awoken by an early morning Robin, or hearing the Cardinals calling each other at the end of a day. Thanks for the gentle reminder to keep paying attention to the good life surrounding me.

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