Why Grandma Bought the Carrot

I was with my grandma when I was seven.
The year was 1944.
We were shopping in the corner store.
I was eyeing a big fat carrot while she was buying other things.
FIVE CENTS A POUND was the sign on the bin.
My hand reached in.
Grandma sighed and smiled at me.
I looked up at her sheepishly;
I had taken a bite, and she had to pay the grocer.


4 thoughts on “Why Grandma Bought the Carrot

  1. I see a loving Grandma, willing to pay the price for the education of her precious little grand daughter because that’s what genuine love does. Is the “moral” of the story, “there is always a price to be paid for our indiscretions” or is It “Love conquers all” or is it both. Question! If I met you in a grocery store today, should I be prepared to shull out for a chomped on carrot. Lol.

  2. It was pure love because Grandma had to count her pennies. And Murland, I wait until I get home to chomp the carrots these days. Little girls do grow up. But I appreciate the offer. Lol.

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