Do Nothing

Aristotle said: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”

Today is the day to avoid criticism. Happy Saturday.


About Pigs

I have a best friend who lives in heaven. Her favorite animal on earth was the pig and so today I am remembering her with this picture that came to me from Pinterest. I took some time out to do a little research about this animal which sometimes gets only derogatory comments.

Pigs have excellent memories. Studies have shown that pigs can remember where food is stored and places where they have found food before. They can also remember directions and can find their way home from great distances. Pigs can recognize and remember humans and up to 30 other pigs.

In the Chinese zodiac, the pig represents fortune, honesty and happiness. How appropriate for this honest, happy animal that is smart, lovable and forgiving.



The Matter of Change

Yesterday, during my quiet time I came across some very interesting quotes about how to go about changing ourselves.

Self awareness is the first step to self improvement.

A change in behavior begins with a change in heart.

We defeat ourselves or gain victories by the thoughts we think.

Become addicted to constant and never-ending self improvement.

Never neglect an opportunity for self improvement.

When you look in the mirror see more than your face…see your self.

Put off your old self….to be made new in the attitudes of your minds. (Ephesians 4:22,23)

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)

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Paying It Forward

Today’s post is a follow-up to A Goal of Love posted on Saturday, March 2nd which was about a hockey player taking time out of his day to be kind to a young fan. The goaltender was more than kind; he epitomized everything in this  banner.

How often does something wonderful happen to us and we think we should pay it forward but something blocks our action to follow through. Perhaps we need reminding of this simple little gesture of good will by keeping these words at the forefront of our lives.

No matter what, buy the person behind you in the drive through, the person next to you at lunch, smile and hi to a perfect stranger. If you have ever been done for some one or had someone do it for you, you know it's most amazing feeling.




A Goal of Love

Whether you are a hockey fan or not you might like this little item from a Toronto newscast last night.

Montreal Canadiens’ thirty-one-year-old goalie, Carey Price, took time to give a caring and meaningful hug to an eleven-year-old fan who had lost his mother to cancer last November. Carey is the boy’s idol, and the sheer joy of the moment moved the youngster to tears.

Here is a small clip from the newscast:

“Carey Price was a class act, not only giving Anderson two signed sticks, a signed puck, signed his jersey and mini-stick, but he also gave him the biggest hug,” 

Anderson was not the only one moved to tears…yours truly also shed a few to see such an open show love. Happy Saturday.

Carey Price

Divine Order

I have been called a witch and here is the reason why. I learned how to declare Divine Order on missing objects not only in my own life but the lives of others. I soon found that this positive power also unlocks doors when the key seems stuck, makes parking places available, and can even jolt the memory into retrieving “lost” information.

Back in the 1970’s, I was receiving inspirational reading material from Silent Unity, a religious organization in Unity Village, Missouri, USA.

I still have one of their books in my possession. Take the Wings of the Morning came into my possession on March 9 1984 and was responsible for a whole new spiritual experience in my life.

But back to the witch.

In the last part of the 20th century, one of my daughters was approached by a distressed co-worker who had inadvertently misplaced a government cheque for $1400.00 (or a similar amount). The young lady had no idea where the cheque was, and the six month time allotment for uncashed cheques was running out.

Trying to be helpful, my daughter told her friend about my Divine Order decree.

The next day the young lady approached my daughter with a huge hug and the exclamation, “Your mother’s a witch!”

She had gone home, declared Divine Order on the missing money and found it under a drawer liner in her dresser.

I was reminded of this little episode yesterday when a friend commented to me about something she had tucked away and couldn’t remember where. I declared Divine Order for her and told her to call me when she found it.

Within an hour I got the call from a gleeful friend, and she didn’t call me a witch.

A Divine order prayer from Unity: Divine Order is now established in my mind, body, life and affairs.


A Glimpse of Heaven

I have come to the conclusion that we need not have a near death experience to get a glimpse of heaven. We get many glimpses of heaven right here on earth. Take for example:

Seeing newborn baby

The look of love in the eye of the beholder

People walking hand in hand (especially the very old and very young)

Devoted pets

Observing the universe; sun, moon, stars, galaxies,

The methodical movement of waves on a beach,

The sparkle of sunlight on rippling waters

The first words of an Autistic child who has been speechless for years

An occasional embrace from said child

The feeling of wellness after an illness

The healing of a strained relationship

The calm after the storm

Crocuses breaking through snow covered soil

Walking where Jesus walked

Answered prayers

Heavenly hugs

As you take time to catch a glimpse of your own heaven on earth, cherish the experience, and know that the best is yet to come.