Pleasant Surprises

I have discovered that by tacking a little request onto the end of my prayers that it also will be answered. And here is the request: Please let a pleasant surprise come my way, and help me to recognize it when it comes.

Well, let me tell you that that request no sooner was sent forth when an answer was on its way. I’ll only record one out of many pleasant surprises that have come my way since the first prayer.

My garage door refused to budge, would neither go up nor down. Luckily, it was open when this happened and I was able to extricate my car. I called the company who looks after garage doors and was told that the owner had retired and his son was now running the company. It was this young man who answered my call. He told me that it sounded like a simple problem that would cost a service call if he fixed it or I could follow his instructions and do it myself. And so at seventy-nine years of age, I fixed my garage door.

What a pleasant surprise to find I was capable of that, and that the young man was willing to give up a service call charge for what he knew was a simple fix.

Why not make your own request today? You may be in for a pleasant surprise.