Pleasant Surprises

I have discovered that by tacking a little request onto the end of my prayers that it also will be answered. And here is the request: Please let a pleasant surprise come my way, and help me to recognize it when it comes.

Well, let me tell you that that request no sooner was sent forth when an answer was on its way. I’ll only record one out of many pleasant surprises that have come my way since the first prayer.

My garage door refused to budge, would neither go up nor down. Luckily, it was open when this happened and I was able to extricate my car. I called the company who looks after garage doors and was told that the owner had retired and his son was now running the company. It was this young man who answered my call. He told me that it sounded like a simple problem that would cost a service call if he fixed it or I could follow his instructions and do it myself. And so at seventy-nine years of age, I fixed my garage door.

What a pleasant surprise to find I was capable of that, and that the young man was willing to give up a service call charge for what he knew was a simple fix.

Why not make your own request today? You may be in for a pleasant surprise.

In My Mind’s Eye

Somewhere in the seventies, I don’t remember the exact date, I had cataract surgery. Ocular implants were reserved for older patients, and because I was only in my early forties, I was fitted with contact lenses.

As I got older (way older), in my mind’s eye, I wondered what would happen if I was ever really sick and had to stay in hospital. How would I manage the contact lenses I had worn for years. Without them, I wouldn’t be able see clearly (hardly at all). This thought, for some reason, was always on my mind.

I’d go to bed at night and say a prayer that I would never have to face that dilemma.

One morning I woke up and could see everything clearly. Its’ a miracle, I thought, I can see again! But then my eyes began to feel uncomfortable–I had slept the night wearing the contact lenses. This happened a few times, and my vision began to deteriorate.

In 1994 I had my eyes checked. Being a busy entrepreneur, this checkup was long overdue. The optometrist said my eyes were lacking oxygen from the long time use of contacts, and I should think about implanted lenses.

In September, 1995 I opted for the implant surgery, and completed the procedure in October of that year. What a difference it made in my life not to have to bother with those lenses anymore. Now, when I woke up each morning I could see the clock without having to get up and put my contacts in. I could read at night and just turn out the light without having to get up and take the contacts out. Swimming was an extra bonus. I didn’t have to search the bottom of the pool for my contact lenses.

One year later, I had a bad fall and was hospitalized for a week. My left arm and leg were encased in casts–I would not have been able to manage contacts. I was in misery, but contact lenses were the least of my worries; my mind’s eye had seen to that. I do believe God played his part as well–as usual.

Did I ever mention I believe strongly in the power of prayer?

My Travels

I have been fortunate enough to do my fair share of traveling while on this Planet Earth, where there’s so much to see and do. There are those who have travelled much more than I, but there are others who have travelled less. Although there are many places left for me to visit, I am content with where I’ve been.

Chapter Thirty-Seven  –  My Travels

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher


I wish I was going somewhere was the thought that popped into my mind as I listened to the excited chatter of my work-mates planning their upcoming vacations. But I was going nowhere. I was saving money for my daughter, Cathy’s, wedding the following year. Monica and I normally had separate coffee breaks, but one morning they coincided. During that fifteen minutes of respite my friend invited me to go to Trinidad with her in August. She was going home to visit her parents in San Fernando. “It will only cost you your flight, and whatever spending money you might need,” she enticed. My silent wish had come true….. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me….(Psalm 139:9,10) Tomorrow  –  Chapter Thirty-Eight  –  It Happened in an Instant  –  A Lesson in Safety