Saturday Lightheartedness

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…and then sometimes a few words can paint a picture, like this one I found on Pinterest which reminded me of my silly little Oliver Owl poem. Happy Saturday. (Original post for today will be posted tomorrow).


Oliver Owl is a happy old bird

as wise as wise can be.

He makes his home in the forest

at the top of an old pine tree

He dines on delicate insects

and wears his feathers well,

they appear as a fine tuxedo

in shades of brown eggshell.

Oliver’s eyes are round and bright,

they help him to plainly see

through the dark, dark night in the forest

at his home in the old pine tree.




My Smile Room

On Wednesday I acquired a new wall hanging. It was displayed on the doorstep of a lovely shop in Bowmanville, On. and I was drawn to it immediately. It made me smile.

In the room where I hung it are photos of me with each of my daughters and sons. There is also a musical angel figurine which my youngest daughter gave me for Christmas many years ago. Along with these favorite items is an angel clock, (there is a different angel at every hour).

This newest acquisition is already a favorite and I have named it The Painted Pony. It will be my new focus for meditation.

This room is my favorite in the whole house as it’s where all my writing occurs, where keepsakes are kept, where nature beckons just outside sliding doors and where my daily quiet time with God takes place.  In other words it’s my smile room. Do you have one?

Pleasant Surprises (1)

So many interesting things come our way in a day it is nice to take the time to appreciate and acknowledge them. A friend recently sent me a series of beautiful pictures and quotes which I am going to share for a few days next week under the title Pleasant Surprises. Happy Saturday.

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
~Maya Angelou~