The Guest of Honor

You are invited to a dinner party along with several other distinguished guests. The guest list includes the who’s who of scientists, theologians, poets, physicians, musicians, the likes of who are listed below. These are some of my favorite people.

Helen Keller     (1880-1968)     deaf, blind, activist, author, lecturer

Albert Einstein      (1879-1955)     theoretical physicist

Florence Nightingale      (1820-1910)     founder of modern nursing

Frederick Banting     (1891-1941)     co-discoverer of insulin

Mother Theresa     (1910-1997)     saint and champion of the poorest of the poor

Norman Vincent Peale     (1898-1993)     minister and author of The Power of Positive Thinking

Celine Dion     (1968-present)     Canadian singer/songwriter

George Frideric Handel     (1685-1759)     Baroque composer of Messiah

Harriet Beecher Stowe     (1811-1896)     author of best selling novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin

John McCrae     (1872-1918)     Canadian author of the famous poem, In Flanders Fields

Mary Magdalene     (dates unknown)      Biblical figure who traveled with Jesus and his followers

The guest of honor is Jesus.

Will you be attending?



My Simple Needs

Today and every day, I have three needs…

The wisdom of Solomon

The faith of Mary

and the patience of Job.

God, grant me the patience to develop the faith to recognize the wisdom. Amen