Just a Little Note

I attended another celebration of life yesterday. The main memories the family had of their mother/wife/grandmother were of how much she loved life and how life loved her back. It was meaningful that in the face of death she knew that she would “dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23). That’s how I find the courage to say, Happy Sunday, in the aftermath of sadness.


Merry Christmas

Whether you are celebrating Christmas in a Christian or secular way, may yours be blessed with all things that include love, goodwill, kindness and peace.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 NIV

Merry Christmas.

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Keeping Cool

We in Canada are celebrating our country’s one-hundred-and-fifty-first birthday this weekend…tomorrow actually, July 1st. There will be fireworks, parades, parties, continuing into Monday. It’s extremely hot here in Southern Ontario, but many of us will only have to think of our great Canadian winters to stay cool. Happy Saturday.



Today’s the Day!

Celebrating 200 Years of God’s Love. That is our slogan as we celebrate our two hundredth anniversary at St. Andrew’s Scarborough today.

We have been celebrating in many different ways over the past year in anticipation, and today’s the day!

The motto over our door is Jehova Jira – translated The Lord Will Provide. (Genesis 22:14)

For two hundred years this scripture has proven amazingly true for our congregation and we look forward to its continuation.

Just as our Lord welcomes all of us with open arms, we at St. Andrew’s also welcome all with open arms which is one of the reasons we are a growing congregation.

Going forward, we continue to celebrate Jesus who not only lived and died but who died and lives in our churches and in our lives.

Happy Anniversary, St. Andrew’s!

1818 – 2018    200 YEARS OF SHARING GOD’S LOVE

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Just For Now

One hour after her eightieth birthday, Barbara was blowing out candles in heaven. It was one birthday her husband and daughters could not attend physically, but be sure they were wishing her well in the midst of their own grief.

Two months after his one-hundredth birthday, Bob traded in his wheelchair on earth for a chariot in heaven. Bob’s birthday party was well attended and a resounding rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” filled the auditorium of St. Andrew’s Scarborough where both Bob and Barbara had attended for many, many years.

Yes, in January we at St. Andrew’s bade farewell to two more of our dearly loved members; people who not only attended the church but attended to the church in so many ways over the years.

We were one month into the new year when Barbara and Bob climbed that stairway to heaven, following in the footsteps of the many who had gone before them. We at St. Andrew’s who love our people deeply, also grieve deeply when they answer that final call to “Come Home.”

Although they leave behind two separate families who miss them, they also leave behind one church family who misses them also.

And so we say not “Good-bye” to Barbara and Bob, but “Just for now.”


Celebrating Life

Part of my Saturday will be spent at a Celebration of Life ceremony for a long-time friend and member of our congregation…it’s part of life, after all. May your Saturday be spent celebrating life in whatever way brings you peace, joy and happiness. Happy weekend.

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The Last Supper

Today is Maundy Thursday, the last Thursday before Easter, wherein the Last Supper of Christ and his disciples is celebrated throughout Christianity.

At our church, we celebrate with a pot luck supper, communion, and a program performed by our children’s ministry. Although it is typically a solemn occasion, the camaraderie is comforting in preparation of Good Friday, the day of Christ’s death, which will be commemorated by a service in the morning at 10 a.m.

And finally, Easter Sunday…He Is Risen!

These three days are typically Holy days, with Saturday being a day of preparation for Sunday’s celebrations.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, aside from Christmas are the holiest days of the year in Christianity.

God Bless and Happy Easter.



My Happiness

The other day I caught myself humming a song recorded by Connie Francis in 1959, My Happiness. It was one of my favorites of the time and it popped into my head on Wednesday, January 6th. Why? Because I was feeling very happy. It was my birthday. I’m always happy on my birthday and look forward to it every year. This birthday was kind of special in that it was the first day of the last year of the seventh decade of my life. Am I happy to be saying good-bye to the seventies? Not so much, knowing there are fewer years ahead of me, but there is also a whole new decade coming up, in which, God willing, I hope to experience even more happiness.

For one thing there is a brand new family member coming to meet me in July, my eighth great-grandchild expected on July 3rd. Also, another one of my grandchildren is getting married in 2016, setting the scene for even more great-grandchildren.

Having had a few weeks of unpleasant health problems at the end of my seventy-eighth year, on my birthday I found out that although the diagnosis and prognosis are not excellent, at least they aren’t fatal, and medication should contribute to better control and more comfortable living.

I’m looking forward to enjoying my seventy-ninth year and all that it holds in store, while being mindful of Proverbs 15:13 – A happy heart makes the face cheerful…

My Happiness is still playing in my head. I don’t mind if it stays there for the next three-hundred-and-fifty-eight days.


Celebrating Life

On Saturday I attended two different life celebrations. One was a memorial for a dear friend’s husband, and the other was an 80th birthday party for a dear friend. Both events celebrated a continuation of  life; one here, and one in the hereafter. One celebration was as moving as the other, and I would not have missed either for anything.

Sunday’s events, besides the church service, were a committal and a concert. Once again different celebrations in different ways. The committal saw another member of our congregation on his way to continuing life, and the concert celebrated life’s commitment to music and song with a neighbouring church. The hymns we sang were chosen in memory of loved ones of that church’s congregation who also had transitioned.

It was a wonderful weekend of song and celebration, honouring the lives of those with us and those who haved passed on; a weekend of celebrating life.