The List

How many of us make a list every day? We list our groceries, things to do, appointments to keep, phone calls to make, etc., etc.

Today I’m making a different list…a list of things that make me smile instantaneously…and here it is:

Birds in the birdbath and at the feeder

Squirrels chasing each other up and down trees and along high wires

A toddler toddling

A baby’s laugh

An elderly couple holding hands

An unexpected hug

Children at play

A good news phone call

The instant flash of a red cardinal

A robin’s plump red breast

That’s only ten but I could go on and on. The best part of making this kind of list is that it makes me smile all over again just thinking about these things.

What gives you a sudden smile? Do you have such a list?





Something to Smile About

Winter can be snowy, blustery, cold, slippery, and lengthy for those of us who are not snow enthusiasts. And then something like this appears to cheer up the day and put a smile on even the most frozen of faces. It certainly put a big smile on mine. It’s from “The Beauty of Every Season Photos” and once again, was shared on Facebook. Are you smiling?  Look at the birds of the air…Matthew 6:26