Seeing Red

What do we think of when the color red is mentioned?

The red carpet spread for dignitaries, the red cape waved in front of bulls, that gorgeous redhead (he or she), seeing red…as in getting angry.

Fire trucks are red, stoplights are red, Santa’s suit is red, tomatoes are red, lipstick is red, roses are red. Enough said except it appears red is the oldest color known. My favorite red comes in the form of the male cardinal. When he crosses my path of vision I truly enjoy seeing red. Have you seen red lately? Happy Saturday.


WHEN (Take Two)

When the meadowlark sings in the meadow,

when the woodpecker pecks at its tree,

when the red breasted robin lays her blue eggs,

when the mockingbird mocks with glee.

When the Baltimore oriole leaves Baltimore,

when the Canada geese fly back home,

when the beautiful cardinal dressed all in red

when the warbler warbles its song.

When the finch with its feathers of yellow,

when the jay in its shades of blue,

when the martin of purple splendor,

when the bunting of indigo hue.

When the birds fill the air with their joy sounds,

when their colors and plumage take flight,

God’s creatures share freely their bird life,

when we take the time to delight.


(This is the result of not wanting to leave yesterday’s poem in its unfinished state.)