Saying Thank You

There is always so much to be thankful for but do we always remember to give thanks? Today I am thankful for spending quality time with family for the past few days, seeing some of my precious great-grandchildren, good food, companionship, conversation, seeing selflessness in action and lots of hugs. I am renewed, restored and looking forward to worship and fellowship as I now head out to Sunday services and more opportunity for saying thank you. Happy Sunday.

When a Pet is More than a Pet

We all know that pets can be more than that as they take their place in our families and our hearts. Losing them to death, then, becomes as soul-wrenching as losing one of human family members. Here is what my sister, Mary, felt when one of her dearly beloved pets, her dog, Farleigh, became a treasured memory. Mary would appreciate knowing how many of us feel the same way.

When Farleigh Said Goodbye

I loved her from her very birth
This special pup God sent to earth
To warm again a heart grown cold
From hurts so deep they seared my soul 
She brought me joy, love and peace
And from turmoil came release.
Thirteen years she was by my side
With a cute smile she could never hide
 Though the years took their toll
She lost an eye as she grew old
Arthritic joints couldn’t be denied
Still she hobbled on by my side
 A spirit so strong illness could not still
She carried on through force of will
‘til that day she could barely stand
And left me for a better land
 I felt my heart pain deep inside
And knew my precious Farleigh had died
But before a single tear could be cried
A veil drew back and I saw her on the other side
 I saw my Farleigh whole and new
Not one eye she again had two
As I gazed at her happy face
I was again touched by grace
 She gave me comfort one last time
As her eyes laughed into mine
She was telling me not to cry
From beyond the veil when Farleigh said goodbye
 © Mary Frances Martin






















Oh Happy Day!

There are people who despair when their birthday rolls around each year. They don’t want to be 40 or 50 or 65, whichever one of the “big” birthdays happens to be theirs in any given year.

Me? I L O V E my birthday every single year. January 6 is my favorite day on the calendar. Why? I always say, “This is the day the Lord has made (for me, I will) rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) And I always do. Why would I not? Each year, if not each day, is a bonus when we consider the alternative.

On Sunday some of my family came to help me celebrate a couple of days early. It was a wonderful day with lots of food, hugs, well wishes, love and laughter.

Today I look forward to lunch with some friends, and another visit with one of my daughters.

More companionship, more food, and more hugs.

Oh happy day! TYG!