An Interesting Concept

“To decide we don’t believe in something, it has to exist for us to have an opinion about it.”

The above came to me from a daughter of a friend who is an avid reader and collector of quotes and it makes perfect sense to me.

Choose something you don’t believe in and see where it takes you when you truly think about it….very interesting concept.

Decide to Believe

There are many people who find it difficult to believe that God really does exist, and that he is waiting for us to acknowledge that fact.

There is a simple solution to this dilemma…just decide to believe.  Happy Sunday.

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Sometimes Substitutes Work Well

The dishwasher was full to the brim with a load of dirty dishes…and I had forgotten to buy detergent…big problem. Not willing to brave the blustery weather to return to the supermarket, or unload the machine and do all those dishes by hand, I looked online for a dishwasher detergent substitute. Many suggestions were to put two to three drops of Dawn liquid dish soap in the dispenser and top it up with baking soda. So I did. Voila! It worked like magic and will be my mode of cleaning dishes from here on in.

It made me think of some of the problems we face in life. We can’t always clean them away with conventional methods, and sometimes need to search for a substitute. For me that substitute is prayer…prayer that should have been the first course of action, but got lost in the effort of trying to solve things my own way

Putting a few drops of prayer into life’s problem dispenser and filling it up with God, can work wonders with the many difficult decisions that come our way.

Is any of you in trouble? He should pray. James 5:13



What is a Paraprosdokian?

This tidbit came my way this morning…not only did I learn a new word, but its meaning.

Paraprosdokians are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous. (Winston Churchill loved them). Here are a few examples:

Where’s there’s a will, I want to be in it.

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.

War does not determine who is right – only who is left.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

In filling out an application, where it says, ‘In case of emergency, Notify:’ I put DOCTOR.

And my own paraprosdokian is this…living is for learning; I want to learn how to live.

A Prayer to Start the Day

Dear Lord, thank you for the night’s rest you so graciously gave me.

I am grateful for renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I accept this new day as a wonderful opportunity.

May I use it minute by minute to do your will.

Guide me in every problem, every decision I shall make this day.

Help me to treat everyone kindly and to be fair and just and thoughtful in everything today.

And if I should forget you during this day, oh Lord, please do not forget me.  Amen.

Norman Vincent Peale

What Would You Do?

You are having a dinner party. You have invited friends, family, acquaintances; and you have invited Jesus as the guest of honor.

Well, upon hearing this, many of the guests begin making their regrets. A party of fifty-odd is now whittled down to a mere half dozen or so people. My question is this.

Do you say, “I’m sorry, Jesus, there are some people who don’t know you, or understand you, or where you are coming from, and I can’t afford to ruffle their feathers–would you mind taking a rain check?”

Or do you graciously accept the sudden declines, and enjoy the company of your Guest of Honor, along with those who are delighted to accept the invitation because He is the guest of honor?

I would enjoy the dinner party if Jesus was the only guest!

What would you do?