Found Money

This dream goes back to 1960. Being the mother of four active children, ages six, four, two and a one year old baby, I  wasn’t journaling back then but I remember the dream as if it was last night.

It was another recurring dream where night after night I dreamt about finding money. I’d be cleaning the furniture and pull out a handful of coins from deep within the sofa.

The garden was another treasure trove. Buried in the soil where I was planting flowers, was another handful of coins.

There was money between mattresses, under beds, in the sugar bowl, and in the children’s toy box. In one dream, I lifted the lid of our large outdoor garbage can and a pile of coins lined the bottom of it.

I never tired of these dreams. They were a welcome relief from the daily burden of trying to make ends meet. We were a young couple raising four little ones on one salary and there were times when money was pretty scarce.

And then a very sad, but wonderful thing happened. My grandmother Lydia, who I introduced in My Precious Life, died and in her will, left me one thousand dollars.

Do you know what? I never again dreamt about finding money.

Hit and Miss

I’m really glad I kept a dream journal over the years because those dreams have become a part of my life story, although they didn’t all make it into My Precious Life. It is said that dreams about flying are good, but this next dream was somewhat different in its message. I didn’t quite get it.

The airplane flying over our house sounded like it was in trouble. I could see it losing altitude, nose down, heading for our back yard.

I had this dream three nights in a row, and was due to fly on a bush plane to my daughter and son-in-law’s cabin on Trout Lake in a few days.

The night before leaving, I had this dream.

I was in the cabin alone when I heard the loud, droning sound of a plane in trouble. I stood stock still as it crashed into the cabin and stopped right behind me.

“It hit, but it missed!” I thought.

Once at the cabin, Brian, my son-in-law, took us for a boat ride around the lake.

“There’s Hit and Miss Lodge,” he said, pointing to a resort on a small island. I was astounded to hear those words, and told Brian about my dreams.

He smiled at me and said, “The cabin is on Hit and Miss Bay.”

And now, after all these years, I get it. The message was that there is a message in our dreams.



Fighting Fear

Before I relate this dream, I want it known that I had long longed for “the gift of tongues”, a spiritual gift referred to in 1 Corinthians 12:10, but it was not to be for me.

This is the dream I had in February, 2002.

Some friends were gathered in the kitchen of one of my previous homes. Off this room was a door leading to the basement. Suddenly, strange and eerie sounds began emanating from that area. We all felt a wave of fear, and no one wanted to open the door to investigate.

Finally, I couldn’t bear the feeling of fear any longer and slowly opened the door as everyone backed away. I peered down into the darkness and saw our pet dog trying to bury himself under a pile of blankets on a sofa. A very eerie feeling penetrated that space, and an unseen force seemed to move towards the stairs where I was standing. I wanted to slam the door and run, but I didn’t want to live in fear, so I sat on the top stair and feebly yelled something into thin air.

At first, sounds just squeaked out of my mouth, but then got louder and louder, and the “something” in the basement tried to hide. By now the sounds seemed to be pushing out of my diaphragm, becoming a forceful chant and Kelly, the dog, came out of hiding and scampered up the stairs.

My husband woke me up asking if I was okay. He said I was shouting in a language he had never heard before.

Do I have the gift of tongues? In my dreams.

Dream Birds

Dreams can be spiritual messages that you are being lovingly cared for by divine forces. They are like angels in that they bring both good news and urgent warnings. (From “Wrestling With Your Angels by Janet O. Hagberg)

A friend recently posted a cute and comic link on Facebook about birds which reminded me of another meaningful dream I had in 2000. The reason I remember these dreams is because I keep a dated dream journal.

And now for the dream birds.

Before falling asleep, I said a prayer to wake up at 7 a.m. for a church-oriented workshop in the morning. I am a very sound sleeper and don’t always hear the alarm.

In my dream, a hummingbird got tangled in my hair. I managed to get it loose and it flew to the top of  a birch tree in the yard.  As I watched his flight, another small bird nestled under my chin; then another one nuzzled one side of my neck, while yet another pressed against the other side.  They were nudging my face with their plump, feathery little bodies. I was getting annoyed with them when I felt one get under the hair at the back of my neck. I began to panic and tried to call for help when a fluttering little bird tried to get into my mouth. That’s when I woke up. It was 7:45 a.m and if those feathery little creatures had not invaded my dreams, I would have missed the 9 a.m. workshop.

I love birds and was very thankful for their most timely, although frightening, interruption of my sleep.

The Stranger Who Held My Hand

Many years ago, during a very trying time in my life, I had a dream where I was walking alone on the observation deck of the TD Centre, Canada’s tallest building in the seventies.

I circled the deck endlessly, feeling sad and depressed after the breakup of my twenty-one year marriage. Somehow, being fifty-six stories above the earth, seeing the city in panorama, was like looking at my future without a partner and I began to cry.

Suddenly, a faceless male figure, dressed in a robe came beside me and held my hand as we continued the walk.

I woke up to a powerful tingling sensation pulsing through my entire body.

I was reading All Things Are Possible Through Prayer by Charles Allen for the umpteenth time (it is such a wonderful book), when I came across this:  “And when a person has a firm hold on God’s hand, he has the power and strength flowing into him to keep him on his feet.”

I had highlighted the passage at some time, and now it reminded me of my dream.

I have always felt that the person in my dream was Jesus.

That dream gave me the strength and confidence to endure the years of single parenting, financial hardship, and life without love until it appeared once again to a waiting heart.