Promises, Promises, Promises

Hidden promises are the best kind, don’t you think? Yes, because when they are revealed, we are surprised to see that, for the most part, they are the best kept promises in the world, as this hymn beautifully explains. It is so full of promises, promises, promises. Happy listening. Happy Sunday.

Life is Like a Book

Do you find that as you turn each page in your book of life the story gets more interesting? Does each chapter make you anticipate the next one? Do you look forward to a happy ending? Or do you forget what the story line is and find yourself turning back the pages? Well, here is some pretty sage advice for those of us who do just that.

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Make Every Day Count

The following is something I gleaned online:

If you live to age ninety, how many days do you have left?

It is a finite number, and one day you will reach that last day. Remain conscious of the value of every single day.

Ask yourself every morning, “What can I do to make today count?” Happy Saturday.


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New Beginnings

Here is something I copied on Easter Monday, April 24, 2000. It was written in the Toronto Star by Rev. Deborah Vaughan.

Every time we let something go something new and wonderful can fill our empty, waiting hands. Life is full of little deaths, denials, griefs. Every beginning marks the end of what has gone before. This is the cycle of life…no beginnings without ends, no ends without new beginnings following after. “Rejoice, all is not lost. Something better, something you cannot imagine is coming to you.” (Angels at the Tomb).

For what it’s worth, looking back on my life, this makes complete sense to me because in hindsight it has been my many experiences. I am in the process of awaiting another new beginning.


Enjoy Your Journey

Having just attended a funeral on January 24th and another one today, I found this blog by Bonnie on WordPress to be quite true and touching. I trust she won’t mind my sharing it. May your Saturday be blessed.

In Life’s Journey

Life’s journey is taken one step at a time. There are times when we can see ahead and other times when the view is blocked. There are moments when we walk alone and there are moments of togetherness.

For every beginning, there is an ending in this life. For every hello, there is a goodbye. Enjoy your journey and savor each step along the way.

It Is Finished

These three little words mean so much in so many ways.

It is finished…could mark the end of a marriage.

It is finished…could mean the last sentence of a book has been written.

It is finished…could mean the final stroke of the brush has created a masterpiece.

It is finished…could mean a relationship has reached its limit of endurance.

It is finished…could mean the final period has punctuated the end of a sermon.

It is finished…could mean the finishing touches have signaled that a meal is ready to be served.

It is finished…could mean the last breath has been breathed.

“It is finished”…three of the final words of Jesus on the  cross. (John 19:30)

It is finished…could also mean the end of treating one another badly.

It is finished…three little words that mean so much in so many ways.