The Earth is Round

The fact that the earth is round is said to have come from such scholars as Aristotle (385BC), Pythagoras (570BC), Eratosthenes (276BC) and maybe others. However the fact is that the prophet Isaiah (740BC) wrote in the Bible: He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth…(Isaiah 40:22)

I once confessed that the Bible is one of my favourite books to read and this is the reason why. I learn so much from it.  Happy reading.

The Circle of the Earth – Linda's Bible Study




The Alternative Fact

The fact is that it is a very gray day, the sky being blanketed by dark clouds. The alternative fact is that above that bank of dark clouds, the sun is shining.

The fact is that when the tide is out, small boats and often deep water vessels are pretty much stranded on an ocean floor or in shallow water. The alternative fact is that the tide will come back and once again these same boats and ships will be buoyed up.

The fact is that Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were one and the same entity. The alternative fact is that this character’s split personality, created by the author, caused the appearance of duplicity.

The fact is that a mirror mirrors the existence of the person it reflects. The alternative fact is that without the mirror the person still exists.

The fact is that John 3:16 is one of the Bible’s most read and quoted verses. The alternative fact is that there are those who have never heard of it.

The fact is that since the beginning of time good and evil have been at war. The alternative fact is that good has always prevailed.

The fact is that none of us knows why evil happens. The alternative fact is it is not ours to know but ours to overcome.

The fact is that there appeared to be fewer crowds to witness the recent inauguration of the U.S. president than some previous inaugurations. The alternative fact is that Mr. President chose to see it differently.

The fact is there are none so blind as those who will not see. The alternative fact is that not everyone has 20/20 vision.