Among Two or Three

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week because not only do I get to worship, pray, and sing, I get to be among the two or three and so many more, who are gathered together in His name for the same purpose. There is no room for loneliness on this day. Happy Sunday.

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Sunday Solace

This is my place of Sunday solace. It’s not only the hymns, prayers, and sermons that draw me here, but the fellowship and hugs afterwards. Have you and God had a hug of the heart today? Happy Sunday.


Church Fun

The sole purpose of going to church is to worship, right? Yes. But, when the last hymn has been sung, the last “amen” uttered, and the last person has exited the sanctuary, the fun begins.

God has been served and will continue to be served as his people enjoy one another’s company in the C.E.H. (Christian Education Hall) after each morning service. It’s called fellowship.

This Sunday I had more fun than usual because I was on “coffee duty” in the kitchen with several other people. There was chatter and laughter as light-hearted conversation accompanied the preparation of ninety cups of coffee and sixty cups of tea. Even more fun was serving each person who came to the counter for their choice of beverage. “Just a half cup, please” or “Three quarters of a cup will be fine” or “Could you top that up a little more?” A young lad of perhaps twelve, smiling through his braces, said, “Coffee, please”. No fruit juice and cookies for him at the kid’s table!

It was even more fun because two of our members happily celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, and two giant strawberry shortcakes were a tasty addition to the tea and coffee.

Yes, we go to church to worship God, but I know he likes his children to have fun, too. Proverbs 17:22 says a cheerful heart is like good medicine, and for me that is a prescription for church fun.