A Garden Not Forgotten

It’s time to put a poem on the page. This was written for a gentleman in long term care in 2005. His name was Mr. Flowers and learning that I wrote poetry, he asked if I would write a poem for him. Hence A Garden Not Forgotten. This was first posted in 2014. Happy Saturday.

A garden full of flowers

tended in the mind with care

or tended not at all

if wildflower seed is planted there

will reap its keeper plenitude

in fragrant showy splendor

and bring the memory of spring

come blustery December.

Blooms spring forth upon the mind,

deep wine rose and purple phlox,

daffodils of yellow,

multicolored hollyhocks

replace the snow and blizzards

in the darkened winter hours

and keep alive in mind’s great eye

that garden full of flowers.

Mind’s garden keeps on growing;

wild winds and winter snow

won’t whip the fragrant flowers

that mind has come to grow.

The seeds are firmly planted

in the fertile soil of thought

where that garden full of flowers

also blooms forget-me-nots.


Have a Glorious Day

It came up in a Bible study…”What does the word ‘glory’ mean to you? I wasn’t there, but when told about the question my mind immediately went into overdrive about this word ‘glory’.

My first thought was that glory is a word of profound beauty…as in the morning glory flowers that adorn so many garden arbors. That led me to think of the term, “Give God the glory”. It is a phrase used when something wonderful and beautiful takes place and in Christian parlance we refer it back to God.

When I think of God and blooming morning glories, adoration comes to mind. I adore them both…God more so.

I’ll leave you to ponder this word and the glory it brings to mind. Have a glorious day. Happy Sunday.

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It’s Finally Spring

I’m borrowing my Facebook post from yesterday to serve as today’s blog. It’s a little poem to celebrate the birth of another Spring.

Spring has sprung, winter has fled,

Let the flowers bloom, put away the sled!

Let the air smell sweet, let the trees get dressed,

Let the grass turn green and the birds build nests.

Let the days grow long, let the robins sing,

Let us all be glad that it’s finally Spring!

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Shadows in the Wind

I love love; not necessarily just romantic love, but love of all kinds. I love babies, animals, friends, family. I love sunshine, moonlight, stars, trees, flowers. I love oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. I love singing, dancing, laughing, writing, daydreaming, night-dreaming, holding hands, hugging, being happy and seeing others happy. I love God and how he spent so much time talking about love in his Book of Books. Love is the most written about topic in the Bible, and the greatest commandment of all time is “Love one another!”

I’m going to share another of my poems here, and what’s it about? Love of course.


Perfect love is fulfillment

in perpetual motion,

seeing with the heart’s eye

that which the mind cannot grasp,

acknowledging the human need

for closeness under all conditions,

realizing that aloofness is a

suit of armor worn by those

who fear perfect love

is beyond their realm,

understanding the merest

reaching out of a heart’s desire,

passion and compassion hand in hand,

longing and belonging heart to heart.

Will it ever be reality

or are we pursuing shadows in the wind?


Will it ever be reality? I’d love to think so.