Using Our Talents

So many have so much in the way of talents, yet so many are not applying them in their lives. Whatever your talents are they are  God-given and not to be set on the back burner. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10. Happy Sunday

Pass It On

There many things in everyday life that we can pass on to others in their time of need, namely:

A smile        A song        A good thought        A good word        A prayer        A special gift        A hug        A good deed         A word of encouragement

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Whatever moves you to share…pass it on. Happy Saturday.





Give and Take With a Difference

For twenty-five years I kept a honey swirler in a kitchen drawer. It never got used in all those years. It was time to give it away and so I did. I consume a lot of honey but had never made use of this particular item and had no intention of ever doing so.

Not long after the honey swirler went the way of the donation bin, Mother’s Day arrived. I received a lovely gift basket made up of several delicious edibles including a jar of fresh honey accompanied by…you guessed it…a honey swirler.

Of course, I couldn’t say that I had just parted with one of these gadgets and so I had to take it.

It is now in the same spot in the same drawer and will probably be there for the next twenty-five years.

Eddingtons Italian Olive Wood Honey Dipper


Who You Are

The following is taken from Charles Stanley’s book, Relying on the Holy Spirit:

God knows who you are. He knows who He created you to be and which natural gifts, talents, abilities, and personality traits He put into your life. He knows which motivational gift is best suited to you. 

God knows how to place us within a body of people to accomplish His ministry. He will open doors of opportunity for you to minister in a way that is suited to your natural gifts. Be open to how and when the Holy Spirit chooses to use you.

This is sound advice for those asking the question, “Who am I and why am I here?” Happy Sunday.

How to Say We Care

Today’s blog is inspired by Pastor Duncan’s sermon last Sunday. He talked about how we tell someone we love them with the gift we give. He then went on to some of the ways we say we care, and I have added to them…

The gift is thoughtful

Preparing a favorite food

A warm, meaningful hug

A telephone call

A surprise visit

Sharing a life event

A helping hand in time of need

A hand written note

There are so many more ways to say we care…



The Unexpected Gift

Have you ever received more than you expected?  A week ago on Saturday I welcomed a sixth grandson-in-law into my growing family. Before the day was over, however, I was overwhelmed with the gift of another grandson-in-law…totally unexpected.

Amberley and Chris had married on the previous Tuesday in the Channel Islands…Jersey, to be exact. It was a small and private wedding, which, they tell me will be followed by many celebrations in various parts of the world where they have so many more friends and family.

Both sets of parents, along with siblings and a few friends attended this very special occasion. I do wish I could have been there.

Love knows no bounds when it comes to people meeting people. Chris is from Scotland, Amberley is from Jersey; one works in Houston, Texas, the other just moved from Dubai, and they met in Whistler, B.C. I hear it was love at first sight, and I don’t doubt it because it was the same for me when I first met this new family member.

If you can be hung over from an overdose of love, then I have the biggest hangover in history. But I’m not complaining; in fact I’m enjoying the after-buzz very much.

So, I guess the moral of this story is that you never know what’s waiting for you in each future moment.

Many congratulations and blessings Amberley and Chris and thank you so much for my unexpected gift.