How Much is Too Much?

My attention has been drawn back to the year 2007 when I was in a hospital emergency room experiencing heart attack symptoms. While there I met an eighty-four old grandmother who confided in me that it didn’t matter if she lived or died at this point in her life. As she poured out her sorrows to me my heart broke even more.

This wonderful woman had lost two adult children…one to cancer and the other in a car accident. If that wasn’t bad enough one of her grandchildren, at eighteen months, had died of meningitis.

I believe we met at that particular time because I needed her strength and courage to lean on. I had had lung cancer surgery two years prior to this heart episode, and my husband, now in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, was dying.

How much is too much? Only God knows.


My Heart Soars

Today, I’m going to again borrow from my “poetry post” for something to blog about. Yesterday, I had the privilege of picking my two youngest grandsons up from their baseball camp. They are now twelve and ten years old and a delight to be with. The twelve-year-old no longer holds my hand and is taller than I by a few inches, and his dimpled brother still has those remarkable dimples. This is what I wrote when they were three and one.


My heart soars with the flight of birds,

winging their way to the rising sun,

the sight of its glow on their wings.

My heart soars with the song of the cardinal

gently penetrating the remains of my night’s sleep

and the answering call of his mate.

My heart soars with the rustle of leaves

dancing to the beat of a summer breeze

and the fragrance that fills the air.

My heart soars with the insistent tug

of my little grandson’s hand in mine

and the dimpled smile of his brother.

My heart soars with the promise of a new day

waiting to unfold its miracles,

showing me the miracle that is my life.


I chose today to rewrite this poem because my heart still soars to all these things. Each new day of life is still a miracle, and God is still in his Heaven. Even if things are not all right in the world, today they are all right in mine.