Climbing Mountains

Remembering childhood camp songs is one of my favorite things to do. I sang them to my children and their children; how many of them will remember, I have no idea. Here is one that helps keep a smile on some faces during this time of frowns and fears. Let’s climb Sunshine Mountain today. Happy Saturday.

On Being a Mother

I’ve recently met a young mom in “Bloggersville” who has three special gifts from God: boy/girl seventeen-year-old twins, and a fifteen-year-old daughter. She tells us that they keep her on her toes and on her knees. I can relate to that, having raised three daughters and two sons, all eighteen months to two years apart except for the youngest who came along seven years later. It was not an easy task, but would I trade it for anything else in the world? Not on your life…or mine! In 1977 after a particularly trying time coping with four teenagers and a ten-year-old (yes, Family to the 5 Power, I know where you’re coming from!) the words of one of my most popular poems came to me. Here then, is On Being a Mother.

Nobody warned you

How great was the task

Of being a mother

How long it would last

It’s no nine to five job

You don’t punch a clock

It isn’t routine

You have to take stock

There isn’t a pension

Or retirement plan

It’s all overtime

You supply on demand

But you know you’ve been paid

When your daughter or son

Softly kisses your cheek

Saying, “I love you, Mom.”


In my opinion, motherhood is the most important job in the world. Someone may argue that point and say, “Well, I happen to think rocket science or brain surgery is the most important job in the world.” Please be reminded that without a mother there would be no rocket scientist or brain surgeon. So Moms, keep on keeping on. Even though nobody warned you how great was the task, it is a great task.