Herra Jumala

Only Finnish people will recognize this title, or perhaps linguists in general.

For me, these words are a wonderful discovery.

I heard them often when as a youngster, I lived with my Finnish grandparents.

My grandmother often used these words with great passion, and it seemed to me, in exasperation at times. For some reason I always thought she was swearing. Why would I think that? I have no idea because I know she was a devout Christian woman.

Upon investigating the Finnish language last night, I discovered the true meaning of Herra Jumala.

It means Lord God.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I love learning! TYG!



In Love with Love

Of all the four letter words bandied about in everyday life, my favorite is…love…L O V E…love.

I love to say it, I love to hear it, I love to feel it, I love to express it.

Love is the most mentioned word in the Bible.

Love makes up most of the world’s songs.

Love means the same in any language.

Love is like wisdom; there is nothing better to be gained.

I will always be in love with love; it really is a many splendored thing.

Don’t you just love it?