The Happiness Factor

Cast your bread upon the water and after many days you will find it again. (Ecclesiastes 11:1) Well, I cast my bread in the way of an appreciative blog to a fellow blogger and behold it came back twenty-fold within hours!

I couldn’t help myself. This person’s posts made me happy, and I just wanted them to know that. What do you think happened? Antryump reblogged my blog and before I knew it I had twenty-two “likes”, where four to six are the norm, and twelve has been the utmost.

Light bulb moment! Making someone else happy doubled my happiness factor. What a great thing to know–and practice!

To me, this is another life lesson, one which I am overjoyed to learn.

While happiness is many things to many people, and has been for me as well, this is the ultimate boomerang experience–simple in its simplicity. Bring happiness to others, even unwittingly, and feel the reciprocating effect manifest in your life.

As the 1971 song by Canadian rock band, Crowbar, says so aptly, “Oh, what a feeling, what a rush!”

Try it, you’ll like it!