Please…Just Cut the Red Tape

It’s all over the news that a mother from Alberta gave birth to her two month premature baby in Ontario while visiting family.

She had been given clearance by her doctor to make the trip. There was no reason to believe that the baby girl would make her appearance while out of province.

Because the hospital where she was delivered could not accommodate this premature birth, mother and baby were flown to a neighboring hospital in the same province to the tune of approximately $30,000, which the airline stated in advance of the emergency flight. (Why $30,000?!)

Of course the mother agreed…what was she going to say…”No, no, I can’t pay to save my baby’s life!” Knowing she lived in Canada, she felt her Canadian health care would be looked after…and normally it would.

Now each of the provinces are declining to accept health care responsibilities.

What is the big deal??? This is a life and death situation of a brand new human being, of not the child’s nor the mother’s choosing.

Why can’t each province split the cost of the air ambulance…a mere $15,000 each. Each province can afford it and obviously, the young mother cannot.

When, oh when, is our society going to start implementing humane values to human conditions?

When are we going to start making exceptions to the so-called “RULES”?

When are we going to put human life ahead of the bottom line?

When are we going to cut the red tape in favor of the right thing to do?

Is this blog going to make a difference to this young mother’s plight? Not likely…but at least for once I won’t just sit back and say, “There’s nothing I can do about that.”

There comes a time to take a stand to cut the red tape.

Time Stood Still

Time stood still for a young soldier in Ottawa yesterday morning.

One minute he was standing guard for his country and the next minute he was gone; shot to death for no reason other than that he stood for freedom and peace.

Time also stood still for the person responsible for such savagery.

One minute he was dealing death and the next minute he, too, was dead—thwarted in his attempt to kill again.

It took only minutes for the clock of life to stop for these two men.

Heaven’s gates surely opened wide for the young soldier—and the other?

Time will tell.

Homes of the Brave

The funerals I attended this past week reminded me of the many parents I know whose children predeceased them. Some were babies, some were teenagers and some in the mid-stages of life.

To my mind, the homes of the brave are the hearts of these parents. They are my heroes.

Treasured Memories

I love when something positive can be gleaned from even a sad occasion.

While paying respects at a funeral home on Saturday, I happened upon this quote on a photo display.

“When a loved one becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

Is that not so true?