Thomas Kinkaid on Life

The artist, Thomas Kinkaid, known as the painter of light, is also known for his uplifting thoughts of which I share a few here:

Life offers second chances.

You’ll never know if life can be trusted until you take the risk of really living.

Approach every day of your life with dedication.

To gain a fresh perspective on your world, try looking at life through the eyes of a child.

Life, even a balanced, harmonious life, was never meant to be static and unchanging.

Life offers courage and strength and humor to cope with the inevitable negatives.

If you want little gifts of joy in your life…you may actually have to train yourself to notice them.

Life, if you have eyes to see the whole picture, brims with meaning, with purpose.

I’ll have more Kinkaid quotes in a few days.


It Is Finished

These three little words mean so much in so many ways.

It is finished…could mark the end of a marriage.

It is finished…could mean the last sentence of a book has been written.

It is finished…could mean the final stroke of the brush has created a masterpiece.

It is finished…could mean a relationship has reached its limit of endurance.

It is finished…could mean the final period has punctuated the end of a sermon.

It is finished…could mean the finishing touches have signaled that a meal is ready to be served.

It is finished…could mean the last breath has been breathed.

“It is finished”…three of the final words of Jesus on the ¬†cross. (John 19:30)

It is finished…could also mean the end of treating one another badly.

It is finished…three little words that mean so much in so many ways.