Of Human Interest

Of the eight-hundred-and-seventy  posts I’ve written, it is the human interest factor that has prompted the most views. “Small Mercies, Large Mercies” on August 24th, garnered over five hundred views on Facebook.

Wedding stories such as “Barefoot Over the Bridge” September 9, 2016, and “Love in the Afternoon” June 5, 2014 were well received as were stories of funerals, memorials, special anniversaries and people facing serious health issues.

“On the Sidewalk of Life” July 31, 2014, spoke of a very kind fifty-two-year-old man, who, having a severe heart condition, got off the sidewalk of life and onto the stairway to heaven after fulfilling a final act of kindness.

It is heartwarming to know that despite the world’s woes and the front-line television and newspaper reporting of them, there is still an element of human interest in the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians  2:4 ESV

Small Mercies, Large Mercies

I was on my way to a delightful church function yesterday morning at 10:00 a.m. While making a left turn on a green light, a large vehicle (I drive a small car) ran a red light and slammed into my driver side.  After the dust had settled I was amazed when a policeman told me my car would be taken to a pound as a write-off while I walked away, (or crawled away as I couldn’t exit the driver’s side) with a painful right wrist.

A visit to a nearby hospital emergency, insisted upon by paramedics, confirmed that the wrist was not broken and would likely be painful for a couple of days. After reassuring everyone that I suffered no other pain, and had not so much as a scratch on me, I came home to ponder the events of the day. I took some extra strength Tylenol and prayed my way into a much needed nap.

How often do we go about our days taking everything for granted, not knowing one minute what the next minute holds.

For the rest of my life I will not forget to thank God for small mercies…although I do believe this was a very large mercy. TYG!

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; Psalm 91:11