A Spiritual Dimension

Years ago, I wrote a poem called A New Dimension, which I will post here.

After I wrote it, I wondered what that new dimension was, never being sure of the words that came to me. In church last Sunday, spirituality was mentioned and how there are those who never accept, or experience it.

Spirituality could definitely be viewed as another dimension of our life experience, I thought, remembering my poem of 1979.

Didn’t Jesus say, “…seek and you shall find…”? (Matthew 7:7)

Here then, is:


Somewhere between each rising

and setting of the sun

a new dimension opens up

to each and everyone.

It’s there for us to welcome

a new challenge, a new day

we need only make ourselves aware

in every subtle way.

We need only make our senses

come alive, alert and more

responsive to the little things

we usually ignore.

So seek that new dimension

it’s there for everyone,

somewhere between each rising

and setting of the sun.


…to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Romans 8:6) KJV

So, seek that new dimension…why not?