Pet Peeves

I have a pet whose name is Peeves. He reminds me of life’s little annoyances:

Fine print…trying to hide the actual facts

False advertising…tell it like it is

Fake news…ditto

Blatant lies…ditto

Telemarketers…terrible timing

Enough said.

Peeves is a figment of my imagination but pet peeves are not, though it would be nice if they were.

Happy Saturday.

Stay Well

The world is in a precarious place right now and we are warned to take all the precautions available to protect ourselves from Covid-19.  It is understood pets are also susceptible. This teen and his dog are accepting their responsibility to stay well. Happy Saturday.

About Pigs

I have a best friend who lives in heaven. Her favorite animal on earth was the pig and so today I am remembering her with this picture that came to me from Pinterest. I took some time out to do a little research about this animal which sometimes gets only derogatory comments.

Pigs have excellent memories. Studies have shown that pigs can remember where food is stored and places where they have found food before. They can also remember directions and can find their way home from great distances. Pigs can recognize and remember humans and up to 30 other pigs.

In the Chinese zodiac, the pig represents fortune, honesty and happiness. How appropriate for this honest, happy animal that is smart, lovable and forgiving.



A Glimpse of Heaven

I have come to the conclusion that we need not have a near death experience to get a glimpse of heaven. We get many glimpses of heaven right here on earth. Take for example:

Seeing newborn baby

The look of love in the eye of the beholder

People walking hand in hand (especially the very old and very young)

Devoted pets

Observing the universe; sun, moon, stars, galaxies,

The methodical movement of waves on a beach,

The sparkle of sunlight on rippling waters

The first words of an Autistic child who has been speechless for years

An occasional embrace from said child

The feeling of wellness after an illness

The healing of a strained relationship

The calm after the storm

Crocuses breaking through snow covered soil

Walking where Jesus walked

Answered prayers

Heavenly hugs

As you take time to catch a glimpse of your own heaven on earth, cherish the experience, and know that the best is yet to come.




Remembering a Pet

Awhile back I posted a poem written by my sister about the passing of her pet dog, Farleigh. Today I’d like to share her poem to Jesse, another pet she said goodbye to.

In Remembrance of Jessie
November 16, 1989 – April 24, 2001
When you flashed me a look from your smiling Jessie eyes
I knew you were telling me your last goodbyes
You were telling me not to grieve
Now that the time had come for you to leave
When you flashed me a look from your sweet smiling eyes
The time we spent together went by fast
I can see you again as I look back over the past
The games of ball we used to play
You kept me playing night and day
You never seemed to tire
We walked the lake on days both hot and cold
We both walked slower as we grew old
We ate ice cream cones all year long
You listened while I played a song
On an accordion no longer new
You served humanity in a very special way
You birthed twenty-one puppies and gave them all away
To CVC to do their best
I hope that most passed the test
And became the best dog guides that they could be
Now that God has called you home
I walk the lake alone
I still think of you
And the things we used to do
And I’ll always remember your smiling Jessie eyes
 ©Mary Frances Martin

When a Pet is More than a Pet

We all know that pets can be more than that as they take their place in our families and our hearts. Losing them to death, then, becomes as soul-wrenching as losing one of human family members. Here is what my sister, Mary, felt when one of her dearly beloved pets, her dog, Farleigh, became a treasured memory. Mary would appreciate knowing how many of us feel the same way.

When Farleigh Said Goodbye

I loved her from her very birth
This special pup God sent to earth
To warm again a heart grown cold
From hurts so deep they seared my soul 
She brought me joy, love and peace
And from turmoil came release.
Thirteen years she was by my side
With a cute smile she could never hide
 Though the years took their toll
She lost an eye as she grew old
Arthritic joints couldn’t be denied
Still she hobbled on by my side
 A spirit so strong illness could not still
She carried on through force of will
‘til that day she could barely stand
And left me for a better land
 I felt my heart pain deep inside
And knew my precious Farleigh had died
But before a single tear could be cried
A veil drew back and I saw her on the other side
 I saw my Farleigh whole and new
Not one eye she again had two
As I gazed at her happy face
I was again touched by grace
 She gave me comfort one last time
As her eyes laughed into mine
She was telling me not to cry
From beyond the veil when Farleigh said goodbye
 © Mary Frances Martin






















How Deep is Your Love?

I’ve heard people say, “God doesn’t love me…what a load of rubbish. If he loved me I’d feel it, wouldn’t I?” The answer is, “Yes, you would, and yes, you do.” I invite you to ponder these few thoughts in your life.

What do you feel when you first lay eyes on your newborn baby?

What do you feel as that baby grows into a little personality and your heart feels like it will burst with each new thing she/he does?

Or if children aren’t in your life…what is it you feel towards your brand new puppy or kitten?

What do you feel on your wedding day when you look into the eyes of your bride/groom and say, “I do”.

What is it you feel when you get your first diploma, your first degree, your first job?

Do you love looking in awe at the star-studded, galaxy-filled universe?

I would love to post a photo of one of my grandsons who just got his braces off. The smile on his face is priceless. But my love goes deeper than showing him off, because I know that it would embarrass him and I respect his feelings.

What I’m getting at here is that when you experience all these feelings of love, awe, respect…you are experiencing God’s love for you…a hundredfold. God is where love originated; the only way to explain that unexplainable feeling.

…And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ…Ephesians 3:17-18

Here is the Bee Gees 1977 hit, “How Deep is Your Love”. May I suggest that instead of seeing Barry, Robin and Maurice singing, you picture God asking you…how deep is your love?