Where Am I From?

On Thursday I picked up a library book, Memories of Heaven, by Dr. Wayne Dyer (one of my favorite authors) and Dee Garnes, who was his assistant at one time. It is a collection of short stories about very young children remembering where they were before they were born. It is a fascinating and easy read.

Many of the related memories are of being with God and choosing the parents they wanted to be born to. Some are of being here for a short time in another life and deciding to leave at an early age, (child deaths). Some related to changing their minds in the womb and not completing their journey, (miscarriages).

Because I have an open mind about so many things it is easy for me to read this book and consider the possibilities of these tiny testimonies. Besides, when my youngest son was just over two years old, he suddenly stated during a nap time, “I died you know, Mommy.”

I had had a miscarriage three years before he was born.

It makes it easy to wonder where am I from? Happy Saturday.

Once In a Blue Moon

If you have something you can only do once in a blue moon, tonight’s the time to do it becauseĀ it isĀ the night of the blue moon.

Now, the moon won’t actually be blue; it is just that it is the second full moon this month which is a rare occurrence. So don’t strain your eyes looking for a blue hue, just enjoy the extra full moon lighting up the universe…a celestial phenomenon.

You may want to click on the following link and enjoy Frank Sinatra’s rendition of the song “Blue Moon” as you gaze heavenward. Enjoy.

Frank Sinatra Blue moon. – YouTube


PHOTO: There is a blue moon on Friday.

July 31, 2015