Open to Trust

Look at this picture. How do these little ones know that what Mama Robin is holding in her beak is something they should be holding their mouths wide open for? That’s trust.

Bird Watching Can Be A Fun Hobby For People Of All Ages.

Everyone on Planet Earth could have known it at one time … may we own the opportunity to be open to trust once again. Happy Saturday.

How Beautiful is This?

Planet Earth is home to approximately eight billion people, give or take the many births and deaths on a day to day basis. It is believed to be the only planet in the universe to sustain life.

My question is this…why do we continue to mess up something so complex and beautiful by destroying the life and love it was designed for? Each and every one of us is in some way responsible for the state our world is in…each and every one of us; by our disregard for life whether by killing or indifference; our lack of empathy; our unforgiving and uncaring ways. It all adds up to being responsible for messing up our Planet Earth.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you” Jesus says this in John:14:2 KJV.

It occurred to me that the universe may be God’s house and our beautiful planet could possibly be one of His many mansions.

Let me also say there are some who believe this planet is a random act of chaos in a universe reflecting even more chaos.

But I look at this Planet amid all the brilliance of the universe’s intricate design, and have to wonder, how beautiful is this?


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He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth…Isaiah 40:22 NIV