Look For the Rainbow

Unfortunate but true, isn’t it? If we want to have the rainbow, we have to deal with the rain…and so many of us do. It’s not just those dreary rainy days that nature feeds its own, but the sadness that grips us when life feeds us our share of tragedy. Still, we must look for that rainbow, otherwise we will never experience the goodness of life that lingers on. Wishing you rainbows this Saturday.

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Raining on the Inside

What a wonderful Wednesday was spent with my cousin Bill and his wife, Arlene. We had a delicious lunch at The Pickle Barrel in North Toronto, a popular restaurant since 1971; friendly ambience, good food, great conversation, and delightful company.

Our server was pleasant and attentive, but somehow my cousin, Bill, detected a note of sadness about her and engaged her in conversation. (He’s so good at that!) After a few minutes he blurted out, “I think you need a hug!”

“Bill, don’t embarrass her,” admonished his wife.

With that, the young lady reached down and accepted my cousin’s hug.

“Thank you for realizing I need a hug,” she said. “I may seem sunny on the outside but I’m raining inside.”

Wow, thought I to myself, what a beautiful blog this will be.