The Human Touch

Do you miss it? The human touch, I mean. Not so much if you have a significant other in your life, and, better still, in your home. But those who now spend much of their time alone remember what it was like to reach out and touch someone on a daily basis. It is was comforting…healing… therapeutic…strengthening. Life without the human touch is like a banana split without bananas…bacon and eggs without toast and coffee…dancing without a partner. Something is missing: that touching of hands, the pat on the back, the hasty hug, the gentle nudge.

There are a few places where the human touch is a part of the practice…a visit to the doctor, dentist, chiropractor. At most churches you are greeted with at least a handshake and if you are lucky enough to have a friendly home church, hugs are the norm. (I love my home church!)

The human touch is as much a part of human nature as singing in the shower. Count your blessings if you have someone to share the human touch, but if not, may I suggest an occasional visit to your doctor, dentist, or chiropractor…and a regular visit to your favorite place of worship.

Bruce Springsteen wrote and recorded “Human Touch”…nice song.