Just a Little Note

I attended another celebration of life yesterday. The main memories the family had of their mother/wife/grandmother were of how much she loved life and how life loved her back. It was meaningful that in the face of death she knew that she would “dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23). That’s how I find the courage to say, Happy Sunday, in the aftermath of sadness.



Here is something different. In one of my writing books, the exercise was to describe in your own words the meaning of certain feelings we all experience–to just write down the first thing that comes to mind. It’s unfortunate that I don’t always note where I read these things, thereby giving credit to whoever dreams them up, but the truth is I don’t. In any case here is my take on the following feelings.

What is happy?  It is a light airy feeling that bubbles inside me out of the blue sometimes.

What is frustration?  It is a tear your hair out feeling when you can’t get through to someone.

What is sadness?  It is a pain in the heart and a lump in the throat for the pain of others.

What is anger?  It is a boiling feeling of inner turmoil.

What is love?  It is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and a heart bursting feeling.

What is scared?  It is a pee-your-pants weak-in-the-knees queasy feeling.

What is joy?  It is bigger than happy, bigger than love, and contains them both.

What is pettiness?  It is not a good feeling once you have participated in it.

What is excited?  It is the thought of something new coming your way, something new to explore and have good feelings about.

What is adventurous?  Doing something you have never done before regardless of the consequences.

What is critical?  Not letting people be themselves, always correcting or trying–picky, picky.

That was a good exercise, and I found it enlightening.

Sometimes it pays to pay attention to our feelings, and not just take them for granted. Especially anger–who needs that?

The Bible expounds on feelings over and over again, and the most popular of these is love. Just look in any concordance to see how many times love is mentioned…1 Corinthians 13 is a great example..But the greatest of these is love. (verse 13)