God’s Flashlight

Have you ever been unable to see things clearly or wondered about the path you should take in life? I find this photo and scripture very enlightening. Happy Sunday.

What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways. (Job 22:28 NIV)

Happy Easter and Spring everyone!! Let's pin beautiful, quaint churches from around the world today

Some Reflection is a Good Thing

When we truly want to know the meaning of something, whether a thought, a word, a conversation, a scripture, or even the meaning of life, it is good to reflect and consider the resulting enlightenment. As in the scripture below, with reflection comes insight. A social event on Friday gave me cause for reflection, and the insight that followed will be shared with someone as this day unfolds. Happy Sunday.

Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this. 2 Timothy 2:7 NIV

The little Church of God chapel near Romance, WV, in Jackson County, seemed perfectly set against the autumn backdrop.

On Top of the World

Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola Admission Ticket, Whistler, null

A peak experience was experienced (really!) during my Christmas week in Whistler visiting family. It was the day we took the gondola peak to peak sight-seeing trip; the wonder of it all took my breath away…literally, at one point. There were twelve of us having lunch in a mountain-top restaurant. We enjoyed fabulous food, great fun,┬ásuper scenery, and a wonderful togetherness before eight of our group went skiing down the mountainside and the other four, including yours truly, hopped the gondola for the peak experience of travelling from the top of Blackcomb mountain to the Whistler mountain peak. I had only soared above the clouds on airplanes up to that point. Words cannot describe the beauty of it all and it reminded me of the Carpenter’s 1972 hit “Top of the World” because it was my family’s love that put me there.




Steeple Space

I love how the steeple has its own space amid the trees. This is where I spend my Sundays with my church family, one of whom took this photo; another instance of seeing more than you are looking at. Surely the Lord is in this place. Genesis 28:16