The School of Life

The school of life teaches many things and what we may learn is the tests are ongoing. Just when we think we have learned a lesson well and passed a trying test…along comes another one.

What I have learned mostly is that the tests are repeated until we finally get it. If we don’t get it, we don’t move on and sometimes may even be put back.

The tests are so varied and valuable that it is only when we have finally learned a lesson being drummed into us that we make the grade to a higher degree of life’s education.

Where are you on life’s report card? Is that A+ or 100% showing up in your life or do you have a few more tests to take…or repeat?

As for me…the tests have been trying indeed and much has been learned. Am I close to graduation?  All I can say is after eighty years in the school of life I’m getting ready to cram for the finals.


Another New School

It’s a wonder that I didn’t hate school, but for all the moving around my childhood entailed, once settled in, I enjoyed school and was a good student, according to my report cards.

Chapter Eleven  –  Another New School

Ah yes, those younger years with all the moving around; different homes, different schools, different friends.

We’d just get nicely settled into a school, when we’d be on our way to another. I always cried, while Mary seemed to nonchalantly accept each change as it came along. We were staying with our mother between foster homes, and this time Mom literally dragged me, screaming my head off, up the steps into a new foreboding building. “I don’t wanna go in! I don’t wanna go in!” But in I went, hiccupping and sobbing.

“This is Patsy,” my mother told the principal in her finest, no nonsense, tone.

She was interrupted by a long, loud, gong……


Train a child in the way he should go…Proverbs 22:6


Tomorrow – Toe Picks – A lesson in disappointment