Why Am I Here, Anyway?

This is chapter ten and the tenth prayer in Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. The chapter is called Why Am I Here Anyway? And the prayer is God, Lead Me to My Destiny. Here is an excerpt from this final chapter:

In the final analysis, we are not just human beings but keys–keys that God has individually crafted to fit certain locks. Each of us is special because the lock we are called to open will accept only one key–one that looks different, acts different, and feels different from any other one; one that has different kinds of emotions, passions, skills, and defects from any other one. In fact, in all the world and in all of time itself, there has only been one key that has the ability to open this one particular lock–and you are it. Make no mistake: when you find the lock, you will find your destiny. It could be virtually anything. It could be something big or something small, something loud or something quiet. It could be something that makes you famous overnight or something that keeps you hidden. It could be that you’re destined to save someone’s life in a fire or some other disaster–or that you’re destined to change someone’s life through a simple conversation. It could be that you’ll one day create something that helps people–like an invention or a piece of inspiring music or a book or an article. It could be that your son or daughter is destined to achieve something stupendous–something he or she could not have achieved without your influence. Your destiny might be one decisive, dramatic moment in your life, or it might be many actions taken over many years. Who knows? Whatever it turns out to be, though, one thing is certain: it will be profoundly important to the life of this world and immensely fulfilling to you personally.

This has been my favorite chapter in the book. The author touches on science and religion, genetics and DNA, Forrest Gump and George Washington, and the destiny God has planned for all of us.

I have to admit to praying the above prayer, but also have to admit to still waiting for the answer–unless my book, My Precious Life, published last June, is the answer.

One thing I know for sure is that with God leading, my destiny can only be the best. I’m willing to wait forever.


My Greatest Gift

This morning I opened a forward that one of my daughters sent my way in 2012. It was a flashmob rendition of Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, and numerous other wonderful Christmas Savior songs.

As the music crescendoed from my Ipad, I raised my hands in response to the call for adoration.

Joyful tears flowed as I gave thanks not only for the Baby born over two thousand years ago, but for the babies that have blessed my life over the last sixty years: my sons and daughters, my grandsons and granddaughters and most of all my great-grandchildren; all truly wonderful gifts.

The joy that filled my heart at our family Christmas party yesterday, overflowed this morning in thanksgiving to the One whose presence in my life is my greatest gift.

“Oh, come let us adore Him, Christ, the Lord!”









A Dying Love

This is not what you might think it is when you read the title. It is not about love dying between two people; it is about the one who is the object of love dying. In this case it is about babies and their mothers. Here are two photos of mothers holding their sick infants, knowing that the end is near. Both babies died of unknown diseases, were the firstborn to both mothers and were baby boys. Notice the eye contact in each photo. When the pictures came my way, I immediately felt the poignancy and knew that some day I would have to write about them. Both mothers went on to give birth again; one had three more sons and two daughters and the other, three daughters. Neither mother ever forgot their experience of a dying love…and their love never died.