Just for Today

It’s been awhile since a poem has composed itself in my mind and with never knowing what the next day will bring in this world of uncertainty, here is Just For Today:

Just for today…

may your sun shine a little brighter,

may your pain be less severe

may your eyes behold the beautiful

may sweet sounds fill your ear

may your thoughts be full of gladness

may good things come your way

may your heart be filled with love and peace

just for today.


The Sound of Silence

When we hear the sound of silence it is imperative to stop and listen. It comes in the form of stillness. It comes to everyone at one time or another; the key is to be aware and allow it to unfold.

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the delight of life, which they are thenceforth to rule.  Thomas Carlyle

Mother Theresa said: “The most important thing is silence. We cannot place ourselves directly in God’s presence without imposing upon ourselves interior and exterior silence.”

And Simon and Garfunkel had this to say about the Sound of Silence. Happy Saturday.

WHEN (Take Two)

When the meadowlark sings in the meadow,

when the woodpecker pecks at its tree,

when the red breasted robin lays her blue eggs,

when the mockingbird mocks with glee.

When the Baltimore oriole leaves Baltimore,

when the Canada geese fly back home,

when the beautiful cardinal dressed all in red

when the warbler warbles its song.

When the finch with its feathers of yellow,

when the jay in its shades of blue,

when the martin of purple splendor,

when the bunting of indigo hue.

When the birds fill the air with their joy sounds,

when their colors and plumage take flight,

God’s creatures share freely their bird life,

when we take the time to delight.


(This is the result of not wanting to leave yesterday’s poem in its unfinished state.)