A Goal of Love

Whether you are a hockey fan or not you might like this little item from a Toronto newscast last night.

Montreal Canadiens’ thirty-one-year-old goalie, Carey Price, took time to give a caring and meaningful hug to an eleven-year-old fan who had lost his mother to cancer last November. Carey is the boy’s idol, and the sheer joy of the moment moved the youngster to tears.

Here is a small clip from the newscast:

“Carey Price was a class act, not only giving Anderson two signed sticks, a signed puck, signed his jersey and mini-stick, but he also gave him the biggest hug,” 

Anderson was not the only one moved to tears…yours truly also shed a few to see such an open show love. Happy Saturday.

Carey Price

Life and Times Trivia

Life expectancy in 1937 was 59.7 years. A postage stamp was three cents, gasoline was ten cents a gallon and you could go to the movies for twenty-five cents. You could get a new car for $760.00 and a new house for $4,100.00.

Bread was nine cents a loaf, sugar was fifty-nine cents for ten pounds, and milk was fifty cents a gallon.

In sports, the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup and Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup, and Ralph Guldahl was the U.S. Open Golf champion.

In the news LOOK magazine hit the newsstands, Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared, Japan invaded China, and President Roosevelt outlawed marijuana.

Guy Lombardo, Tommy Dorsey, and Bing Crosby were the music masters while in the movies A Star is Born and the Good Earth were hits and The Life of Emile Zola won an Academy Award.

Well, we all know what happened to the cost of living and the plight of marijuana. We also know that life expectancy is now eighty-plus years and I, for one, am happy about that. I was born in 1937.