Lord, Hear Our Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for hearing our prayer. Help us to be still and know that you are God.

We pray that you will help us to concentrate on our faith instead of our fears, on our triumphs instead of our troubles and on your power instead of our problems.

Help us to see our shortcomings and overcome them.

Show us that when we are unkind, inconsiderate or unthinking, impatient, indifferent or disrespectful, we hurt others, and in so doing, hurt you.

Remind us that forgiveness is a prerequisite to peace.

In the decisions we face daily grant us the wisdom of Solomon.

For the times we are easily provoked grant us the patience of Job.

When we are tempted to doubt your promises, God, grant us the faith of Mary.

We pray for world peace, sound governments, the end of terrorism of every kind, and the prevention of dread diseases.

We pray that you will help us become the people you want us to be.

Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

Happy Sunday.

Life Goes On

Here is a poem I wrote in 2012…don’t know what was going on in my life to inspire it, but think it is worth a share.

LIFE GOES ON (It is Eternal)

Life is like a boxing match.

It spars with you, throws a few punches, knocks you down.

You get up and go a few more rounds, sometimes dancing in circles; not connecting…or so it seems.

Like all boxing matches, you win a few and lose a few.

The wins are triumphant. They are what keep you in the fight.

You struggle with the losses, hope to overcome them and try not to lose too many rounds.

But then Life comes in with the big KO, the knockout, the one punch you weren’t expecting.

Brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, social cancers, relationship cancers and the count continues until Life throws up its Eternal arm; the winner in a fight you can never lose because Life goes on.

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