What is Love?

Recently a fellow blogger posted a beautiful poem asking the question “What is Love?”.

Today I am attending the wedding of two people who have found love once again in their lives; the bride is eighty years young and the groom ninety-one. In 2014 I wrote this poem, “What is Love?” Happy weekend.


What is love

if not the closeness

of every experience


What is love

if not the oneness

of two people


What is love

if not the expression

of honest emotion


What is love

if not understanding

the wholeness

…of all of these.






Two Sabbaths

Every weekend contains two Sabbaths…Saturday for some, and Sunday for others. Whichever you celebrate, be blessed. For those who choose not to recognize either, may your weekend be what you choose it to  be.

Have a Great weekend....:

Busy Weekend?

Two birthday parties beckon me this weekend…one for an eight-year-old great-granddaughter, and the other for a one-year-old great-grandson. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s just busy enough to keep you happy and relaxing enough to give you rest. Happy