An Introduction of Sorts

This post is basically for new readers, but of course it’s open to everyone. I’m participating in something on WordPress called Blogging 101 and am to introduce myself and why and what I’m blogging. This is the first assignment.

So here goes. I began blogging on April 5, 2014 to introduce a book I would be publishing in June of that year. After posting a snippet from each of forty chapters of the book, I decided to continue to keep on blogging to see where it would take me.

I love to write, hope to inspire, pray to reach as many people as possible and have met many new people from all over the world.

My blog is called My Precious Life and so is my book, so now I am thinking of renaming the blog so as not to confuse the two.

A new name is on the tip of my pen but has not yet made contact with the page…perhaps soon, and that will be another introduction of sorts.

I’ll keep you posted; pardon the pun.

My Heart is Touched

As most of you know, I have been busy promoting my newly published book My Precious Life. The sales are steady and a book launch this September 6th at my church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Scarborough, should see a significant increase.

The feedback on the book is most encouraging and today I’d like to share some of those comments with you because they really touched my heart.

This memoir is a must read. I picked it up and read it cover to cover in a single night – I simply could not put it down! The author takes us on a life-long journey that reveals her trials and tribulations of growing up in and around the Greater Toronto Area. From the Great Depression to the 21st Century, we get a fantastic insight into Patricia’s wonderful life experiences. It is full of inspiring stories of making cherished friends, the delights of motherhood, and travelling the world. Mixed in with these anecdotes are some harrowing experiences that challenged the author – such as a difficult separation, working as a single mother, and overcoming her smoking habit. Yet through them all, her faith, family, and friends enabled her to not only persevere, but to thrive. This is a story about enjoying life to the fullest.
The book is very well written and structured, which enables the reader to get engrossed with the content. The chapters are clear and concise, but at the same time it left me wanting to know more. I sincerely hope that Patricia writes a follow up to provide more in-depth details about her Precious Life.  A.B.

I just finished reading your book. It has touched my heart and encouraged me to keep running the race. God uses many tools to help all our trials and your book is one of those for me. You can definitely see his hand in your past. I loved reading your testimony of life. E.R.

I have just finished your wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down!! I admire you for writing it but more than that I was touched, saddened and encouraged by all that your life represents. Your very firm faith shines through each chapter. I know this book will have a positive influence on many readers and will point them to God. Much more is in my heart that words cannot express.  B.D.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Wonderfully uplifting and a ‘makes you feel good’ life story. Thanks for sharing this with us. B.S.

There are more, but this will give you an idea why my heart is touched.

Again, My Precious Life is available in Hardcover, Softcover and Ebook at,,, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press and countless other online and local bookstores.




The Bible on Poetry

Happiness is finding something to post at the last minute. Browsing through my poetry file I came across this 2012 poem, and thought it would be nice for a Sunday post.


The Bible is a book of books,

Sixty-six in all,

Filled with fascinating facts

To inspire, repel and awe.

“He who is pregnant with evil

And conceives trouble

Gives birth to disillusionment.”*

This Psalm is quite poetic

As is Solomon’s Song of Songs.

Job is a book on patience;

Love fills the Book of John.

Does the Bible wax poetic?

Yes, I’ve really come to know it

That God Himself, the Author,

Is the Master Poet!

*Psalm 7:14


Enjoy your Sunday, it is the day the Lord has made…rejoice and be glad!





The Train of Thought

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about thinking lately. There was a time in my life when a marriage counsellor told me, “You think too much.” What the heck was that supposed to mean? I didn’t give it too much thought at the time, but every once in awhile that comment comes to mind and I think to myself, “What was he thinking?”

Thinking takes on many forms: creative thinking, wishful thinking, positive thinking, negative thinking, thinking through it (whatever the “it” may be) thinking out loud, putting the thinking cap on…and so on…you get it, right? Well, now that I think about it, away back in 1994 I was thinking about thinking and came up with the following poem:


The train of thought

raced through my mind

traveling at top speed

down memory lane,

through rough terrain,

steep mountainous land,

wide gorges spanned,

irregular track,

through tunnels black,

by pastures green,


still waters bridged,





slowly coming to a stop,

the train of thought.


The greatest transportation system in our world can be our train of thought. I don’t exactly remember where that thought came from but it seems pretty accurate to me.

And then there’s this from Philippians 4:8 “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”



Advice Well Taken

On July 5th, I posted “Some Good Advice”. It seemed to be a bit of a flop. Always curious as to the “why” of things, I wondered if a different title and some serious editing would change the results; so here is my first reblog….

The first time I was asked to prepare and present a prayer to our congregation a few years ago, my knees knocked, my voice trembled–no–shook, and my mouth was so dry the words seemed to stick to the roof of it.

Once, I was asked to write a poem and read it aloud to over two hundred and fifty people. The thought terrified me, but it was for our Pastor’s tenth anniversary, and rather than disappoint, I pushed through the same fear and symptoms as the first time.

At some point I came across the following advice taken from different sources, and it eased my speaking burden somewhat. It also appeared to put a new slant on my writing; I found words seemed to come much easier. I’d like to share it with others who may sometimes feel the fear of facing an audience with their own written word.


Polish and elegance can sometimes leave an audience quite cold. Experience and sincerity never fail to move them. We can never bring to anyone else an experience which we have not had ourselves.

We must always be willing to learn about ourselves. The last thing that most of us know is ourselves. It takes humility to know oneself.

Ask God for a calm spirit and the right words to say.

Unlock your inner strength; talk of those things that will make people the better for listening to you (R.W. Trine)

God gave you a message to share…don’t keep it to yourself. (Our Daily Bread) (I think!)

The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary. (Isaiah, 50:4)

I am the Lord your God…I have put my words in your mouth…(Isaiah, 51:15,16)

Even as the Lord was preparing you to serve in his church, he was preparing others to be in a position to receive what you have to give them. He has paved the way for your ministry to be effective. In other words, others need what the Holy Spirit prompts you to prepare and give them. (Relying on the Holy Spirit…Charles Stanley, page 90).

Looking back, I can see how all of this advice worked for me in three talks I gave: Not to Worry, The Way I See It, and one about My Precious Life, before it was published.

Was it advice well taken? I think so.




It Is Finished!


my book

It is not what you may think of from reading this blog’s title.

Yesterday, I received an email from Westbow Press saying my books have been shipped. It has been a long process from December 26th, 2012, the day My Precious Life was conceived, and began life in the womb of my laptop, to this soon-to-be delivery date.

Two things came to mind when I read that email. The first was Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 7:8, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” (KJV) I say this because right from the beginning, I was picturing the ending; the day the book would be published, and I would hold my new “baby” in my hands. That took patience! Each little glitch in the birthing process had me telling myself, “This too shall pass–be patient.”

The second thing that came to me was a quote from Louis L’Amour, American author: “There will come a time when you will believe that everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” This struck me as truth also, because now my “baby” must go out into the world and begin to make itself known to friends and strangers alike. Where I thought that the first words I wrote in My Precious Life were the beginning, I now realize that the last words I wrote are also the beginning.

So you see, just as those last words of Jesus on the cross, “It Is Finished”, were only the beginning for us, I have to believe that my own thoughts, it is finished, when I put the last period on the manuscript, were only the beginning of MY PRECIOUS LIFE.

As posted in other blogs, please look for my book on and other online book stores by linking to MY PRECIOUS LIFE.

This will help my “baby” take its first steps into the world. Thank you for your support, and remember, whatever you think is finished in your life may be just the beginning.

Imagination Unlimited

Below is another example of where one of my writing books led me.

Undirected freefall (stream of consciousness) August 9, 2002. Revised August 27, 2002 and again June 21, 2006:

I woke up this morning and thought about how all the people in my life had been waiting to meet me. When I peeked out from my mother’s womb and into the future, I saw them, and realized that I had to be born to meet them; my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, foster parents.

Starting school, I met more people waiting to meet me: school chums and their parents, teachers, principals, coaches, my future husband(s). Then came work, and I met more people; bosses, co-workers. When I got married there was a whole new group of people waiting to enter my life; my children, grandchildren, more friends, neighbors, and relatives-in-law.

It was like driving to work one morning and just seeing the road go off into the future, and wondering where it was taking me. I felt the car rise off the road as I sat behind the wheel calmly surveying the scenery below me. Then I was on a highway in the sky, seeing everything at once. (Like the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)

Was I finally going to see what life was all about? Would I look down and see everything as it should be: my life, my work, my family, my spouse and the things I would like to have done differently? Where did I go wrong in my life? Why did I allow so much bad stuff into my subconscious?

From this distance can I just blot it all out, cause a rain cloud to wash it away, and write a different scenario for my life? What would that be like? What would it be like if I had never heard the words, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you’re just like your father” (and he was supposed to be a bad person)…”they just live together…not married”. And what about that home for unwed mothers up the street from my teenage home? I felt sorry for those girls, but also intrigued. Where did their lives take them? Where did their babies go?

I can’t imagine my life without my babies; my own babies and their babies. I love my life. From a higher vantage point it looked pretty good.  I could see where I had lived a lot, learned a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot, played a lot, worried a lot, and been hurt a lot. But life was good.

At this point, I just want to be there for all the people whose lives touch mine; all those people who were waiting to meet me, and who I went forth to embrace. God bless them, every one!

And now, it’s time to come down to earth.

About Celeste

After yesterday’s blog, someone asked me to write about Celeste. Although Celeste resides, among other places, on the menu, My Poetry, of my blog’s home page, not many people appear to be aware of that site.

Let me tell you a little bit about this special angel of mine.

The Mustard Seed Gift Shop was my home away from home for almost fourteen years of my life. It was my “pretty little gift shop” as I liked to refer to it. One day a shipment of beautiful porcelain dolls arrived, and one in particular caught my eye. She was dressed in a lovely, emerald green, sharply pleated dress with matching hat, and had an angelic face with pretty green eyes.

Just before the shipment arrived, an assistant and I had been discussing whether or not angels had names, and I said I loved the name Celeste. When I decided to call this beautiful new doll by that name, my assistant commented, “Maybe that is your guiding angel’s name.” That thought stayed with me for the rest of the day, and was still on my mind as bedtime drew near that night.

The urge to communicate with my angel was so strong, that with pen and paper in hand, I said, “Okay, Celeste, if you really are my guiding angel, let’s write something.”

This is what appeared on my paper:


Longing to write

through an angel guide

the words I seek

come from deep inside

the heart of me

where they cannot hide

from Celeste.

Pen to paper

an open mind,

wonderful words

of every kind

waiting in turn

to blend and rhyme

through Celeste.

Softly the words

flow to me

spanning space

through a Spirit free,

God-sent words

reminding me

of Celeste.

Longing no longer

the time has come

the words will be written

great works will be done

by Celeste.

©Patricia Ann Boyes

That was so easy to write, and yes, the words did flow to me. Would you call this synchronicity in writing? I’m not sure, but whatever one may call it, it ended my day on a beautiful note, and Celeste has been in my consciousness ever since.

Do I Believe in God?

Today’s blog is another Julia Cameron exercise, on the above title. It is really amazing how much delight I can get from a little exercise in writing. Perhaps it is because writing is my passion, or at least one of my passions. These daily blogs have been a blessing to me, keeping my creative juices flowing, while pushing my boundaries to complete one hundred blogs in as many days. By then my book should be out and maybe the blogs will go on a back burner for awhile…or maybe not. So, here is another of Julia’s inspiring exercises from 2002.

Do I believe in God? (Another exercise from Julia Cameron) Oct. 17/02

I believe in God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind. If it were not for God my life would be a dismal mess.  God helps me see myself as I really am and so many times I don’t like what I see.  But knowing that He loves me in spite of myself makes me feel somewhat better.  Still, I need to change the things I don’t like about myself.

God has been so wonderful in my life; so many blessings, so many answered prayers.  He is always just a prayer away.  He helps me creatively as well.  I remember the night I prayed in my bed, “Oh God if I really do have a talent within me will you please bring it out?” The next day I wrote “God’s Summer Day” and have been writing ever since.  And I’m told  that what I write is enjoyed by many people.  And I say Thank You God!

 Do I believe in Angels?  Yes, very much so.  They are messengers of God and I have my very own angel code, so to speak.  I have written a story about my angels also.  I would really like to be more in touch with my angels.

Regarding a writing experience that was somewhat uncanny was my experience with Celeste.  To make a long story short a colleague had mentioned that Celeste might be my “angel”.  Anyway, I sat down that evening and said “ok Celeste, if you really are my angel, let’s write something”.

And we wrote “Celeste” and I think it is one of the better pieces I have written.

I am very willing to experiment with the use of synchronicity in my writing.  Perhaps this afternoon I will begin that process.

One topic I would like more information on for my writing is spirituality and how it affects our everyday lives.  I must stay aware for a week to see how this manifests itself in my day to day journals.

This ends the exercise experiences with Julia Cameron. And only God knows what I am going to write about tomorrow! Hmmm maybe Celeste!



What Do I Need to Know

Hugging a tree in Whistler BC

Hugging a tree in Whistler BC

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” Charles W. Eliot

Being an avid reader, I read books of many genres, and especially like books about writing. Some of my favorite writing authors are Brenda Ueland, Stephen King, Anne Lamott, Sophy Burnham, Janet Hagberg, Hal Zina Bennett, and Julia Cameron.
In one of her books, Julia Cameron recommended exercises of twenty minute writing on a given topic, one of which was What Do I Need to Know. The instructions, as I remember, were to begin writing on this topic and stop after twenty minutes. Here is what I wrote: Another Exercise from Julia Cameron – Aug. 30, 2002 – 20 minutes

What Do I Need To Know

The grass is crisp beneath my feet as I start my morning walk through the hydro field adjacent to our house. There has not been enough rain, yet tiny blue flowers grow out of the dry soil. Sunflowers hang their heads over a wire fence in rest or death, I’m not sure which. The fence has become their prop, where once they stood free, faces upturned to their namesake.

And I hug a tree. Someone could be watching from a window, but that‘s okay. I need that hug. Picking my way through piles of doggie dirties left by those who refuse to stoop and scoop, I come to the paved path.

The air is sweet this morning, which prompted this walk in the first place. I hug another tree at the other side of my walk and turn around for the return trip.

I see the faded day moon laid back against a perfectly blue, cloudless sky and the morning sun is beckoning the artificial hue from my hair.

I recall a walk from the past; same time of day, over thirty-five years ago. The air was sweet that day, too, but it was the need for a smoke that prompted that walk. Dishes in the sink, kids at school, husband at his daily toil, and I was out of cigarettes.

Mission accomplished, the return walk from the store that day was a beauty. The sun filtered through the trees and the air was still. I felt a sense of awe, gratitude and love. I think it was very spiritual; felt it but didn’t know it.

As I neared the front door of our house, I wished I didn’t have to open the purpose of my walk, that package of cigarettes. But I did. I lit up and got on with my day.

What do I need to know? Spirit was working in me back then, but I didn’t know it. Now I do, and have quit smoking since that time. What do I need to know? I need to know that, indeed, all things are possible, and I must keep on keeping on with my spiritual life.