About Job and Me

I’m sure we can all relate to many things and people in our day-to-day lives. Among the things and people I can relate to is good old Job in the Bible, for various reasons, which this chapter will reveal.

Chapter Thirty-Four  –  About Job and Me

Of all the people written about in the Bible, I can relate to Job the most. Here is a man who talked about coming naked from his mother’s womb. (Job 1:21). Didn’t we all?

He was living a good life, minding his own business, and had a wonderful relationship with his Father God. Satan didn’t like this, and told God that if Job had a few hardships to deal with once in awhile he wouldn’t be so faithful. God said Satan could do whatever he wanted to Job to test his faithfulness, except kill him. Satan was overjoyed, and went about destroying Job’s family, his livestock, and servants, leaving the poor man destitute and anguished. He afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet  to the top of his head. …….(Job 2:7)

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching….(2 Timothy 3:16)

Tomorrow   –  Listen Up  –  A Lesson in Listening



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