Missing the Mark

Today, I want to talk about sin. I’ve always thought of sin as, you know–lying, stealing, cheating, being mean to people, being greedy, etc. You get the picture. But then I heard that sin actually means “missing the mark”. Now, I’ve heard that said, or written about, on a few occasions, but I read it again yesterday, and it hit me between the eyes! It actually sank in!

The writer explained that “missing the mark” actually means not living life as God intended us to live it, which includes all those other things I mentioned, plus even more. That got me to thinking about how we all came to this planet with God’s plan for us implanted like a GPS. But I think He must have forgotten how fallible we humans are, and how we so easily get distracted, and led off the path.

But that’s okay. As long as we find our way back onto it. I remember a faulty GPS taking my daughter, Lynn, and me on a roundabout trip in Wales, instead of the direct route we needed. Because of that little blip, we got to see the rural side of the country, which I had only seen in movies, and I loved it. We finally reconnected with our intended direction, arrived at our destination none the less for wear, and within a reasonable time frame. That is precisely what we are expected to do on our life journey. God didn’t say it would be easy, he said, “Just do it. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Now, I know some people out there are reading this (maybe only becauses it’s me writing it) and saying they didn’t come here through God’s plan, they got here through an ape, or monkey, or gorilla or some other kind of creature that they evolved from. And I got to thinking about that, too.

I’m thinking that it’s great to be here as God’s representative, because I get to think with the brain He gave me. Otherwise I would have inherited the brain of one of those creatures previously mentioned.

And that would be a sin!




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