Grieve Not for Me

Back in 1981 a husband and wife were hurriedly putting the finishing touches on their life’s affairs. She had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and had days to live. He was devastated, but intent on carrying out his wife’s last wishes. I was in the middle of typing month-end financial statements when the following poem imploded my mind. I replaced the columnar paper with fresh, white, 8 1/2 by 11, and filled the page with the words that that brave woman inspired.


Grieve not for me though I am gone

For I am with you still.

God grant you strength to carry on

And understand His will.

A soft tear shed from time to time

Will ease your sorrowed mind,

But live your life as fully

As you helped me live mine.

Time will heal the hurting heart,

Faith will see you through;

There’s still a life for you to live,

With courage I leave you.

Remember me with thoughts of peace,

Live each day with your heart;

Grieve not for me for though I’m gone…

We’re never far apart.


The untimely and tragic death of Robin Williams triggered the memory of this poem. May it bring comfort to someone now as it did to that bereaved husband in 1981.

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