God’s Chain Gang

I belong to a chain gang.

It’s called The Prayer Chain, and our headquarters is St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Scarborough. (The link to St. A’s can be found on my home page.)

Our gang consists of twenty-two members, each at the ready to man the phones when a prayer request comes through.

I like to think of us as The Prayer Warriors.

Our prayers are not restricted to church members, but are available to any and all in need of prayer.

I’m sure many churches around the world have prayer chains and for those who don’t, why not start your own chain gang? Membership is free and the chain is linked to heaven.


2 thoughts on “God’s Chain Gang

  1. We also practice it in our Church. It is one good way to keep everyone motivated. Though the way we do it is by assigning a person for each day – in that way we continue the chain for the whole year πŸ™‚

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