Another Sunday Prayer

It’s Sunday again and I’d like to share another prayer of the people:

Breathe on us breath of God as we welcome Your Holy Spirit into the silence of our hearts.

Father God, help us to realize that talking about You is not the same as knowing You, and talking to You.

Help us to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from enjoying a closer relationship with You. Help us to trust You completely in the problems we face and the decisions we make each day.

When we are self centered, help us to center on You and the needs of others.

When we are feeling depressed and anxious help us to rest in Your never-ending love and to feel the comfort and peace that Your love brings.

When we lose our sense of compassion, help us to remember Your constant compassion for us and make us aware enough to feel it in our lives.

Make us humble enough to know that You are our help in every need and without You we are incomplete.

Father we pray for our friends and families and for each other and ask that You would replace our grief with peace, our sickness with healing, our poverty with prosperity and our sadness with joy.

We pray for world peace, for unity among all people, for governments of all countries and for courage to stand up to the unacceptable acts of those who have no concern for the lives and welfare of their fellow human beings.

Help these people to find a way to channel their destructive behavior into productive action that they may become caring members of our society.

May our prayers today be acceptable in Your sight, and may we try to make our lives acceptable to You in every way. Amen.


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